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Czech goes into a herd of bison seven. Foraging will Milovice

Seven bison arrive on Monday 30 November to former military training area on the border of Milovice Nymburk and Mladoboleslavska. It is the largest ever transport of these endangered animals in the Czech Republic, informs the company Czech landscape.

Seven female comes from three Polish bookings Pszczyna, Niepołomice and Kiermusy. First, they will stay in dvouhektarové acclimatization enclosure, after a few weeks, will be released on the main pasture grasses in the area to around 120 hectares.

Polish experts compiled a breeding group so that they were unrelated pieces. The oldest animal is seven years old, the youngest two years. Originally, the group had come too male, but he did not pass the rigorous veterinary tests, says Dalibor Dostal of the Czech countryside. From Poland, and eventually come to Bohemia several days late another bison bull.

Bison return to the Czech Republic's oldest project of Czech landscape. He is working since its establishment in 2007. Despite coming to Milovice nature reserve as the last of the three key species of large ungulates. It also includes the wild horses and aurochs. Imports of bison was by Dalibor Dostal legislatively and organizationally complex. Complications with location zubřího herd in the Czech countryside Ekolist described in an interview earlier this year.

"The animals in today's hectic world worthy of human assistance. Moreover, it is good that the bison will return to the Czech Republic, where he was once their home. As the new owner of the Zoo Camp I'm extra glad that lovers of large animals will be able to admire the aurochs also in our garden where we are at the end of the year returns from Hodonin Zoo, "says Eugene Korec, owner Zoos Tabor and CEO Ekospol that project From the first years of support. Also Tabor zoo is preparing a project on breeding bison and their gradual return to the wild.

Bison were on the territory of the Czech exterminated in the Middle Ages. One of the latest archaeological findings demonstrating the presence of bison in our country is found just on the territory of Central Bohemia. They come from Libice Cidlinou in Nymburk and from the 10th century, warns Czech landscape. To central Bohemia bison back even in the time of Archduke Ferdinand of Tyrol. He tried to introduce these animals to brandýských forests. Another bison gave Archduke import from Russia to Křivoklát.

Herd of bison pasture will soon complete the second group of wild horses arriving from the English Exmoor. "The emergence of natural mosaic is the key right combination of big hike, in this case, bison and wild horses. Each of these animals is focused on a different type of food, graze in a different way, "says Miloslav Jirků from the Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences. While horses grazed mainly grasses, bison are enjoying the other herbs and natural seeding vegetation. Combined grazing and experts prevents at the site began some plants prevail at the expense of others.

The first part of the reserve company opened Czech landscape in January this year. Under Benáteckým flights to peak at Milovic brought the first group of wild horses from England. In October, a group of six then added aurochs imported from Holland. The location on turf and reservation area in the former military area reaches approximately one hundred and sixty hectares.


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