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Goons still preparing for seniors thousands of dollars

They withdrew from the agreement in accordance with the law, trying to properly return unwanted goods, but still waiting in vain for their money. We are talking about customers Arrochar, to which lately multiply complaints Hotline Dtest. It is a typical example of a sales demonstration, the organizers of the event participants will elicit money and then post them simply calves ground.

Arrochar Ltd. sells, for example, steam cleaners, cookware or ceramic knives. Demonstrations are still organized and attract them more and more interested. For former customers, however, as would cease to exist.

"Consumers are failing to join its staff. At headquarters is never reached and the premises referred to in the contracts Authorities filed. Shipments and assumes everything goes back consignors, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. And he adds: "After the termination of the contract while the company must repay any amounts received within 14 days. And it is not a negligible amount, the purchase price is in the order of ten thousand crowns. "

The statutory body of Joseph Grznár, who also figures in other companies also organizing demonstrations called Asten Group Ltd. holds the position as managing director in both cases less than three months, during which consumer complaints began to appear. Neither the latter did not comply with the law. Its customers confirm that avoids shipments and money refunded.

Practices Arrochar Ltd. are straight out of the manual to warn people of demonstration actions. The promise of a gift convince gullible people, mostly seniors, will attend the event. Purchase is required, and those who refuse are brought out of the hall. Paid on the spot, and it is the last time consumers see their money. And this despite the fact that within 14 days of withdrawal sent together with the goods, as required by law.

"The most problematic at the demonstration sale is just that payment of the purchase price in cash immediately. A few hours later, at home, the people regret buying, but the chances of recovering the money back is slim. Sellers do not communicate, often changing the seat and these companies do not have any assets, "says Luke Green.

Assistance should be an amendment to the Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits businesses to request and receive during the holding of demonstrations and the first 7 days after the conclusion of the contract any payment (the purchase price or a deposit fees). The Senate this week, however, returned the draft amendment to the Chamber of Deputies for further discussion.

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