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Antique Fair will present an Art Nouveau glass and crystal casting palms Vaclav Havel

Launches today the 36th Antique Fair, which this time bears the signs of artworks related to the world exhibition EXPO. There will be a collection of Art Nouveau glass Šumava glassworks Loetz prosplavená at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900, a glass sculpture by Josef Bernhard awarded at the World Expo 1937 collective Grand Prix, but also exhibit at this year's EXPO in Milan: casting palms Vaclav Havel.

Part of the objects will be placed in unmarketable exhibition of the Association of Antiquaries CR, which Fair Antique holds some artifacts, such as the aforementioned collection of glassworks Loetz, Bernhard sculpture or painting passage that Karel Soucek was painted for the Czech pavilion at EXPO 1958 in Brussels, visitors will find the exhibition directly at individual exhibitors.

"World Expo contributed significantly to the flourishing of some artistic movements such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco," says the
president of the Association of Antiquaries John Neumann. "We have a thematic focus Autumn Fair Antique wanted to draw attention to the fact that art was next to the new technologies of traditional filling these shows and that Czech artists and designers in the world competition certainly lose. This is evidenced by numerous awards, which the Czech exposures and exhibits at these exhibitions have received. "

The last such success is the third award for architecture pavilion, which brought the organizers of the Czech participation from the recently completed EXPO in Milan. "In agreement with the Office of the General Commissioner, we decided at the fair to introduce the public also model the Milan pavilion, which was designed by architects Brno studio CHYBÍK + Kristof Associated Architects, will be a unique opportunity, when people will be able to see the model with their own eyes, "explains J. Neumann, adding:" Milan Expo here but also represents an artifact called the Crystal touch. It is a glass sculpture art glassmaker and designer Jan bushy, which is a palm print Vaclav Havel accompanied by Czech tricolor. "

Antique Fair is traditionally the only trade fair in the Czech Republic, where its exhibits are the only pre-registered and validation exhibitors from the Czech antiquarians. It will take place on 19 - 22 November at the premises of the New Town Hall in Prague, and from 10 am to 19 pm, Sunday 22. 11. Only up to 17 hours. Antiquarians to introduce him and offered to sell jewelry, antique furnishings, paintings and antique weapons. Due date of the autumn trade fair attracts not only collectors, but all those who want to make a happy Christmas time buying antiques for yourself or your loved ones.

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