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The Prostitutes announce new album and tour combines with LUNO!

The Prostitutes announce new album and tour combines with LUNO! Luno is returning to his rock expression and The Prostitutes returns to the club that introduced the songs from the new album Zum Passer. Each of these information must separately flutter indierockové scene. Together then form an explosive cocktail that every sort of Converse kicks.

The autumn series of concerts Prostitues will still represent a cross section of all the previous work, but will also feature songs from the new album. According to The Prostitutes this is the rawest and least combed recording which absorbed the controversial atmosphere krusnohorske forests and meadows, uranium mines and labor camps. The album was created as an experiment, parting members among themselves before the planned annual break which the band finally decided to release the album as a whole, although it is rather to capture the mood of the moment.

Zum Passer album will be christened at Prague Meet Factory 01.12.2015, which along with The Prostitutes also christen their debut album project Apollinaire Martin Destroyer.

The great news is the return of electric guitars band LUNO. After a year with the acoustic album Close to Silence, Ema and her suite Brabcová returns to the stage in the form of electricity and in full force. Even more than that. LUNO you because of an unplugged concert pianist Francis left the Boříka that accompanied the fall of four current report on synthesizers.

The Prostitutes & LUNO tour 2015

11/17/2015 Olomouc
11.18.2015 Brno
01/12/2015 Prague
02/12/2015 Plzen
11/12/2015 Decin
12/12/2015 Pardubice

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