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Czech Savings Bank cancels old accounts. You can resist?

Did you know that mobile operators can not alter the contract for the duration of the contract without your consent? Providers of regular and prolonged services such as energy supply, telecommunications and payment services, the law allows a contract to be modified over time. Czech Savings Bank now abolished the old types of accounts. Is it possible to refuse to change?

"Winged applies here: the silence, that is not responding to the reported change in conditions means consent. Termination of the contract and is the only way to confront the unilateral dictation of new rights and obligations," says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest.

Many clients Czech Savings Bank, as received in recent months written notice of the change of the framework agreement. It says that the original archaic type of account is replaced by a new, more favorable. Although this is to be a step towards improving payment account may not be to everyone's liking.

Consumers often complain about the fact that changes to the contract can not speak. With the new rules always comes entrepreneur and customers can do anything about. This is true to some extent. The position of consumers is strong enough to negotiate the conditions above and beyond the services offered. "If he chooses a certain type of bank account, cancel and convert customers to newer, they have no chance to retain the current account. However, it is possible to change the account and change their provider that the customer terminates the contract. Rejecting the proposed changes is the only way to unilaterally modify the content of the contract to defend, "says Luke Green.

Can be really not responding to the reported change in conditions deemed consent? Yes, the Payment System Act allows it. Assuming that the change in contract announced at least two months before it becomes effective and the client is aware of the fact that this change has the right to reject the contract immediately exported.

Explicit consent Thus, although not required, but it certainly can not change happen against your will. "Pay attention to every document they receive from the bank. It is its duty to provide you with accurate and understandable information between them is often mentioned as the procedure in the event that you disagree with the notified novelty, "says Green.

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