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Kotlíková subsidies

Up to 350,000 Czech households still operates the old solid fuel boiler, which soon will meet the standards. To exchange it may due to the so-called kettle subsidies obtain a contribution amounting to 85% of the total eligible costs.

The grant for new boilers to coal, natural gas, biomass or heat pumps will be eligible in the coming weeks, but already experts recommend start preparing the necessary documentation.

The replacement of boilers in the Czech Republic are a total of 9 billion. Contributions in kotlíkových subsidies are earmarked for the purchase of a new ecological heating sources, including the cost of its installation. The subsidies will be financed not only the boiler, but also a new heating system or reconstruction. "The aid is graded by source type. For example, a new coal boiler household can get 70% of the cost, on a biomass boiler or heat pump up to 80%, "said John Poncarová from the server Energetická An additional 5% will get a household in regions with poor air quality, the list prepared by the Ministry of the Environment.

Contribution to the boiler and windows

The upper limit of the cost of which will be covered by grants, is 150 thousand. Unlike other types of subsidy will decide on the distribution of funds by regional authorities, which will begin to accept applications later this year. "To get Kotlíková grant is subject to a number of conditions and demonstrate various forms. Therefore, grant aid is calculated, for example, is contributing to an energy service specialists, "says Vladimír Vácha, spokesman for E.ON. Cooperation with experts for the successful execution of the grant is needed because the project documentation includes, inter alia, energy assessment.

According to experts, can be a major problem finding a suitable company that has the correct permission for installation of the boiler, heat pump or solar system. "There are not many suppliers of high demand and can lead to expensive services," said Charles Srdečný of EkoWATT. It also points out that the subsidy application will be demonstrated energy performance certificate for buildings (PENB), which indicates the energy performance of the building. "Most of the existing buildings will almost certainly fail to meet the requirement for class C or better. Unreliable processors may have a tendency to bend the numbers, "says Karel hearty.

Comprehensive settlement subsidy

If the applicant does not meet the residence requirement for energy efficiency class C or higher, to be less costly structural measures will also use financing from kotlíkových subsidies. "Applicant may at the so-called micro-energy measures get up to 20 thousand. Use can be necessary to insulate the roof or attic spaces, for partial replacement of windows, repairing facades and other tasks, "explains John Poncarová.

Risk associated with the selection of an unsuitable contractor or other complications asking households avoid when handling kotlíkových subsidies entrusted to the hands of experts. It offers its assistance in addition to energy consultants and other organizations that promise a processing allowance from the processing and submission to the realization of the exchange itself boiler. One of them is E.ON. "Already on tentative candidates have registered for the subsidy to be ready for the official launch of the program. Our specialists will assess whether to grant applicants reach, suggest next steps, prepare documentation, and handled all the paperwork. Finally, we will provide replacement of the boiler or the implementation of other measures, "said Vladimir Vacha.

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