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To start building? Do not underestimate the planning and preparation of the project

Building a house is for many people fulfilling their dreams. To them, however, did not become a nightmare, it's good to think about everything properly and prepare. In every season it is important to plan various activities so as to ourselves concur. While the autumn as the best time for the start of project preparation, winter turn to freeze construction site.

Perhaps everyone at least once in my life imagined that one day move into their own new house. Many people then decided to fulfill this dream. Not a few of whom crashed. Whether at the very beginning of the purchase of unsuitable land, or in the actual construction of choosing the wrong builder. We bring you some tips and techniques that will make way for the coveted new building.

Before you even start, you should think about what you want to build a house. Whether his position, the size or the amount you can invest in the construction, all play an important role. The better you have it all planned out, the easier it later, you can do everything. If you are at wits, do not hesitate to ask the experts. While such advice does not free, as a result you can save a lot more money and worry.

Planning is essential

Every building needs at least a rough timetable. Remember that in addition to the building itself, it must include the administrative steps with the authorities, the project and other work. The ideal is yet to begin in the fall. "Designing and building the necessary paperwork will take some time. When a person begins with these things in September or October, before spring is usually solved everything and the house can start to grow, "says Lubomír Valenta (Lomax).

Great caution is now in search of land. It is important that in it he could have built. At first glance, a bargain can indeed zhořknout when you find that place, for example, issued a building ban. All necessary information will tell you at a local office building.

If you have this stage behind you, you can start designing. And again, be careful. Project documentation, which is required to report construction must be done by an authorized designer. Work can be facilitated by the fact that the designer will directly cooperate with all institutions that have to build comment. Their possible observations incorporated into the project now and you will thus avoid problems later.

Paperwork is inevitable

The project itself but the building notification is not enough. Indeed, you must still fill out a special form. They give it to you every office building. If you do not feel the warmth of home, you can download it on the website of the Ministry for Regional Development. In it you will also find a list of all the possible attachments that ask you building office will want.

At this stage it starts to pay off previous careful preparation. If you have told your project contains comments, for example, conservationists and environmentalists, very likely to happen to you that the construction of rejected or disputed the principle.

The moment you have everything solved, documents, enter the building office. Either take them to the mailroom, or send them by registered mail. It is important to have a stamp that you have either surrendered or sent. And if you have a copy of every document, you also can not go wrong.

The Authority would help to forty days should send approval of construction, together with one copy of certified project documentation. But when you get within thirty days of building for some reason forbids, you must apply for a building permit and go through the building management. The reasons for the ban may be many. For example, a building may contradict zoning plan or and conservationists. Therefore, the more better resolve everything already in the design phase, the less trouble you'll tackle later.

Diligence pays off even during construction. Just do not rush

Now comes the most beautiful period building. While until now, you have solved only stacks of documents, now you can see how the country will grow a new home. Even if you live as soon as possible, not rush anything and solve everything and choose with the greatest care. Whether it is a construction company or accessories such as windows or doors, the impetuosity it just brings trouble. "At present, moreover, people are thinking more and more economically. Therefore buying into their houses various energy-saving features, which include, for example, quality shading technology, "says Lubomír Valenta.

In conclusion, do not forget to notify the building authority that you want to move. You must do it at least thirty days in advance. If you will not object, everything is fine. But it is possible that the house comes to visit the official and if the control deficiencies appear, they must be removed. Then you can stay up when you receive a written approval from the Authority.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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