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Scottish gangster in Švanďáku: Killing Johnny Glendenning

Scottish gangster in Švanďáku: Killing Johnny Glendenning A year after its world premiere at the Edinburgh entertain game Kill Johnny Glendenning also a Czech audience. The latest piece of Scottish author DC Jackson, who is considered perhaps the greatest talents of contemporary British drama, indicate October 17 as the Czech premiere Švanda Theatre in Prague in the Great Hall.

Theatrical production in its own editing zrežíruje Daniel Hrbek, director of the Smíchov scene, and the author himself Game DC Jackson plans to premiere at svand personally visit.

Delicious black comedy about the clash of gangsters and a botched murder takes us to Glasgow, a city with the highest crime rate in the UK, where business ends sometimes well-aimed bullet and street shootings are just as common as biscuits and afternoon tea.
It begins by mobster MacPherson boutique lodging Jaskowy Robert decides to get rid of his business partner Johnny Glendenning (David stockings t). Seemingly an easy task entrusted to his two underlings, which is of course a matter of a little out of hand ...

"The game reminds rough dramas Martin McDonagh or famous movie Disgusting Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino, but also builds on the best traditions of good old gangster movies," says director
Daniel Hrbek. According to him, Jackson offers great comedy mainly dry Scottish humor, which sometimes goes to the core. Clever story also works brilliantly with time jumps and exactly dosed tension: In the end everything fits together as smoothly as the magazine into the gun.

"The story of Scottish underworld extra - perhaps surprisingly - a major theme revolves around the name of love," says director Daniel Hrbek, who, together with dramaturge and author Lucie Kolouchová staging Jackson's adaptations of the text.

"Killing Johnny Glendenning's production which would have the audience be surprised - whether unusual narrative story, which interestingly plays a timeline or action scenes, whose choreography with actors working member of the troupe Švandovo theater in Smíchov Martin Short," added
the Testing upcoming news of her dramaturge Lucie Kolouchová.

Scottish black comedy underworld

In addition to sovereign performances permanent members Švandovo theater (Robert Jaskowy, David Punčochář, Marek hurried and Miroslav Pear), the audience will also present a charismatic newcomer troupe Jacob Erftemeijer in the role of youth Dominica: "Black Comedy was always attracted, and this piece is also a tribute to filmmakers texts and authors like - I like the genre of games, but Jackson waxworks figures, "says Erftemeijer. Twenty-five native of the Netherlands, graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts at himself at svand warned in last season in the minor but significant role in the production of Protest / Rest, also referred to Hrbková overhead. Cast adds a visiting Martha Dancingerová the role of Kimberly, Vaclav Svarc as Shorty and Hana Vrbová in the role of Mother.

Exclusive statement to the staging of his latest play theater in Smíchov provided by the author Daniel C. Jackson, whose works are in the Czech Republic is very popular. His game is set in an environment he knows well because they grew up in Glasgow. "Glasgow is a city with the largest number of plastic surgery in the world - because it is the most stab wounds, and most gangs in Britain. Well, my game about gangsters is a little crazy and slightly psychotic fun, "said Daniel C. Jackson, who at the Prague premiere of his play already very happy.

Jackson's best-known theater is the title of my romantic Přib h, which in 2010 won the main prize at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and then played in London. Extremely successful, this game is also internationally: After premieres in Australia, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, USA and the Czech Republic is preparing its introduction in France, China and Japan. For us, he was prepared just three theaters - DPB in Ostrava, which for a production directed by Daniel Špinar won several theater awards, Buranteatr Brno and Palmovka Theatre.

The author's new Scottish gangster underworld to kill Johnny Glendenning was premiered on September 20, 2014 in coproduction Lyceum Theatre Royal and Glasgow's Citizen's Theatre. Švandovo theater play in the Czech premiere on the stage of Smíchov 17 October 2015. It is almost exactly a year after its first world presentation in Edinburgh.

Premiere on October 17 at the Great Hall Švandovo theater, the closest performances are 19th and 30 October 2015.
More on the website of the theater.

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