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Bradley Cooper demonstrates his culinary skills in the movie Perfect boss

Bradley Cooper demonstrates his culinary skills in the movie Perfect boss From today, lovers of film comedies and gastronomy enjoy a movie called Perfect boss, where the main role appears hunk Bradley Cooper as a chef Adam Jones. Adam had everything you could only wish for, unfortunately, my guilt about it all came ..

The perfect snapshot boss is exceptionally funny and emotional story about love to cook and eat, love between two people and the power of second chances. Adam if he fulfills his dream of cooking in the best restaurants in the world to learn, if you set out to the movies. The premiere is today.

Chef Adam Jones is said to be something like Rollings Stones among chefs.
With the two-star Michelin chef was a former Parisian restaurants feel that the world belongs to him. He always did things his way, and the only thing that interested him was the perfect explosion of flavors on the plate. Now he had to try again - open your own restaurant and get the elusive third Michelin star. But it will need to get on your side the best team.

The film has a stellar cast - except for Bradley Cooper, viewers can look forward to Sienna Miller, Uma Thurman, Alicia Vikander, Lily James, Emma Thompson, Daniel Brühl and Omar Sy. Directed by John Well, that's in America, considered one of the most highly regarded screenwriters, directors and producers.

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