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Higgledy-piggledy celebrates its thirtieth

Higgledy-piggledy celebrates its thirtieth November will be a great tour legends Slovak alternative scene of the 80s and 90s - Trencin band without haphazardly, in addition to a number of cities in the Slovak embrace and Prague and Ostrava.

The tour, in which the Thirty Years Without a haphazard encourage a decade younger iconic, garage punk-pop band Para Bratislava, begins on November 5 in Ostrava. Prague Palac Akropolis welcomes Slovak brothers in arms rock'n'roll punk novovlné a day later , November 6. The Czech capital in the tour can not be missed, for a great triumph for the band began 29 years ago in Prague. Afterwards, both bands will return to his native Slovakia, where the triumphant journey that reminds and Czech-Slovak rock reciprocity, will see a further 10 cities.

Concert in Ostrava club Garage begins November 5 from 20.00 pm, Prague's Palac Akropolis November 6, will begin at 19.30.

Higgledy-piggledy in the former Czechoslovakia became a cult band. Bohemia, accustomed to the reality of (only) then name the rather vague skepticism and kafkovskými allegories, suddenly someone knocked the breath directness originality and humor. In 1986 there was a special event called Rockfest, where the paths intersected for the first time more or less independent music scene with conformal space of the former Palace of Culture, called not very flattering Pakula. However, who was then in the downhill hall forget the revelation that caused trenčínských bunch of teenagers who had brought as frontman younger, only thirteen year old brother bass player. His name was Miso Kaščák. Everyone was shocked songs informer that soft Slovak language quite hard and accurately hit reality rozvitého morass of socialism. When first sounded ironic final slogan "indicate, indicate the pace" liberating explosion of laughter and excitement of full auditorium shook perhaps not obscure the tabernacle power, but spoluvytvořila rhythm of time, which three years later helped sweep away the totalitarian regime.
The video for the song

originated a year earlier to Trencin gymnasium. The groundbreaking concerts in the Bratislava club Young Guard brought an invitation just to Prague Rockfest, where almost overnight became the iconic stars of the Czechoslovak independent scene and the underground. The legendary Prague Junior club Na chmelnici then have had no problem selling out four concerts in two days.

Band to whose image were black suits with white shirts, skinny black ties and white socks, but also original, rhythmically striking music, using elements of minimalism, punk or new wave and poetic, sometimes caustically černohumorné lyrics with elements of Dada, was getting frequent in conflicts with the rule and its censors. Still, she managed to settle down firmly on the cultural map of his native Slovakia and the Czech Republic, rode on tour in France and Poland.

The band has collected three studio albums (Xmetov, Horúce head only once), several unofficial recordings of concerts and one DVD (8505). Without their activities haphazardly ended in 1997, their occasional returns to the stage, however, still belongs to the incidents. In 2009, the American newspaper New York Times rightly ranked among "a group that contributed to the fall of the Iron Curtain ..." Michal Kaščák on the music scene, moreover, increasingly influential personality: He is the founder and director of one of the best and biggest European festivals, Trencin cool.

Para Group was founded in Bratislava garages in 1995, since 1998, after the arrival of frontman Thomas Sedivy - Laskyho dates the onset of wider recognition. Has built a distinctive style of her songs are easily recognizable and are often referred to as "songs with strong lyrics and a civilian carrier choruses that are well remembered and concerts are fond of chanting ..." Those of them along with an uncompromising commitment musicians on stage their natural talent communication form one of the best concert bands in the Slovak Republic.

However, all indications are that diverse topics with a poetic elegance and biting humor without haphazardly working with lighting from different angles, are still current. A band has during his infrequent returns to the podium is still enough energy to get them advice. Can it, along with a friendly Parou, whose mix of punk, ska and funk are also able to hit the jackpot, as well as concerts in Prague, Ostrava and ten Slovak towns. Without thirties haphazardly with twenty steam-and certainly everyone prepares unforgettable evenings.

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