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The amendment okleští consumer rights

After a year, it is again in play amendment to the Act on Electronic Communications. Czech Telecommunication Office should decide disputes arising from unpaid invoices, will go up to oppose the claim settlement and payment procedure will have to be served on the defendant personally.

Spending your vacation at the cottage and mail check once in a while? Beware. The Ministry of Justice in an attempt to relieve the Czech Telecommunications Office and the courts going to radical amendment and allow the so-called. Replacement delivery of the payment order. "So far, the payment order, ie the order to pay without a hearing before the court, may be delivered only into their own hands. Newly could order up to the amount CZK 10,000 was enough to throw into the clipboard, and after 45 days it has come into force, the execution would have been nothing to prevent, "says Milos Borovicka legal adviser Dtest adding:" We understand that a quick trial in the interests of both the debtor and creditor, but we are afraid of abuse. "Who would not stay in a place that is listed in the population register would virtually had no chance of defense.

The amendment to the Civil Procedure Code is hidden under an amendment to the Electronic Communications Act, which transfers jurisdiction over disputes concerning unpaid invoices from the Czech Telecommunications Office to the ordinary courts. "In the long term we have to make these specialized agenda shifted back to the courts for consumer solutions through CTO cheaper. To avoid overloading the courts a new agenda, it is proposed to simplify the management rozkazního. Consumers, among others lose their opportunity to appeal, which is otherwise with the CTO had, "said Juniper. Simplification will benefit operators and otherwise, because it removes the duality of the recovery proceedings. If a customer owes for electronic communications services (ie for example voice, SMS, data), resolves a dispute CTO. If you owe but also on the so-called. "Content Services' (payments via mobile phone calls to high toll lines) must have the operators already enforced by the ordinary courts.

Another unpleasant news for consumers is a more expensive procedure for opposing a claim settlement with the CTO. "This is the second attempt to raise prices only means by which the customer can defend the poor handling of complaints by the operator," says Juniper and explains: "It's now worth CZK 100, the amendment it will raise the price doubled. We believe that the state should rather encourage customers who are not afraid to speak out against the operators, and not by raising taxes they create obstacles. "

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