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Migraine? Say NO caffeine!

Caffeine is an important ingredient of a variety of drugs for treating headache. But what are in fact its effects if these problems?

Many patients suffering from migraines argue that cup of strong coffee can sometimes stop a strong bout of pain. Therefore, several studies have attempted this assumption prove or disprove. The answer is not as simple as it may seem.

Two sides of the coin

It turned out that the effect of caffeine on human brain affects the size and regularity doses. Occasional cup of coffee and can also help to moderate headache. On the other hand, regular daily consumption leads to development of tolerance and dependence. If the repeated delivery of caffeine suddenly interrupted, leads to withdrawal symptoms - these are manifested just headaches, as well as fatigue, concentration problems, nausea and other symptoms like migraine.

Rather cautiously

The strength and ability of caffeine cause addiction should therefore not be underestimated. Addiction can occur after just seven days of use and to keep just 100 mg of caffeine a day. To a cessation prevent withdrawal symptoms, sufficient daily dose of 25 mg. According to some studies, about 30% is able to feel the effect of caffeine population even at a dose less than 18 mg.

And substitute decaf?

Decaffeinated coffee is that which has been removed at least 97.5% of the caffeine. The resulting force thus depends on how strong coffee were used in the beginning. Researchers from Florida examined the content of this substance in decaffeinated coffee in one chain of cafes. Measured 6.9 mg of caffeine in 250 ml cup of coffee and up to 15.8 mg in 30 mL bezkofeinového espresso.

Prevention of migraine

To summarize:
Thus, caffeine can cause headaches from excessive use.
Therefore, patients suffering from migraines should limit their consumption the same way that it is advisable to limit the use of other drugs for migraine, a maximum of twice a week.
Patients suffering from a particularly severe attack of migraine is recommended caffeine from your diet completely drained, as well as other preventive medications. Certainly it would not, however, happen suddenly overnight, but gradually as the reduction of daily doses - thus avoiding withdrawal symptoms.

Finally, it should be noted that caffeine is not only never cause of headaches. It is only one factor, namely one which can be relatively easily removed.

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