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Mole is back. Kateřina Miler sends him to visit.

Mole is back. Kateřina Miler sends him to visit. Mole, the most popular hero comic books and children's films, returns in a new book, "The Mole visiting." It's still he has a few other friends and also represents the first time his new friend - Krtečkovou. The author is Catherine Miler, painter, illustrator and daughter of artist Zdenek Miler. That his father had worked on earlier krtkových adventures.

"The book Mole visiting is about friendship, joy, forgiveness also that when the good will all give a helping hand, they can be seemingly spoiled things right again - and the result may be even prettier than before," says Kateřina Miler whose tender book is intended for children from two years. All the pictures painted by traditional painting technique: without a PC, using a brush and tempera paints.

He thought when it mainly to make the book maintain the spirit of the original krtečkových stories. At the same time it comes to her own creative work. "Characters Mole is what we all know it, maybe just a little softer, because this time she drew the woman's hand. Other animals, plants, all subjects and colorful environment autumn nature but I had conceived after her - in the previous books you will not find the same, "explains Catherine Miler.

Mole and his world

Now this is indeed require a license, in which he gave in 2011 Zdenek Miler his daughter Catherine permission, he can continue to handle his original work and that it may in drawing krtkových events continue. Yet can not only revive the original Mole, but also derivatives of the character - that even Krtečkovou. With that, Krtkův world and his other friends he will complete by its author.

"It makes it a good time mole Krteček pushes a piece of himself, otherwise it will not work,"
prophesied had to address my older daughter Zdenek Miler, who figures to Mole also reflected not only his creative mind and hand, but his whole personality.

In the book "The Mole visiting" thanks to Catherine Miler revived not only the Mole, but it appears there are other heroes: Tit Tit and a sweet blue teddy bear Baribal. For the first time in the book will also present Krtečková, Mole new friend. "To me, this figure had brought their own children when they were on one of her father's show to paint a happy Mole. Without much hesitation he painted round the family, including a woman and even children, "says the author, who in this way brought new life to Krtkova feminine element.

Mole lives on

Pictures of Catherine Miler are gentle, cheerful, played with cinematic action and many loving details. For a long time and thought about it many times is remodeled. That's because the book was also drawn to children who can not yet read, but illustration of what they perceive carefully.

The book also reflects the artist's love of nature: the trees, flowers and many small creatures that - whether for events with a mole or in their own books for children - earlier love and masterfully drew. Animals in Mole visiting also the first time gazing into each other's eyes.

"I thank my father Zdenek Miler me lovingly encouraged to draw upon my early days ... At the end of his life, I painted books and other pictures of Mole, which he liked, and he had them sincere joy. It pleased him that Mole will keep children entertained with their stories, "she wrote
in the afterword to the book Mole visit Catherine Miler, who worked on it for almost two years.

Equally accurate was indeed Zdenek Miler, her longtime mentor, mentor and later also appreciative admirer. His daughter, a talented artist and ilustrátorce on Mole first offered cooperation already in the 80s. Catherine then twenty-six lived at the time in Switzerland. Drawing the first krtečkových events and the figures for the children to play was involved at first anonymously, after returning to the Czech Republic in 2006 already but started the work with Mole bear her name. "It was four picture books on the subject of Mole and the seasons," says Catherine Miler. Together with his father in 2011 published a book "The Mole and fish." In the same year, followed by another folder "Krtkův week."

The book Mole visiting now gives hope that Mole and his fragile poetics beloved children around the world will live on. Moreover, as the author herself says: "I believe in good and in bad end. And I believe in that, and Mole eager to tell their funny and exciting stories and discover away in the figures. "

Kateřina Miler (1960), painter and illustrator, elder daughter Zdenek Miler. She studied at the Central School of Fine Arts, and because she could not get at the Academy of Arts, she went to Italy and then to Switzerland, where she applied graphics. She lived in Spain, where she illustrated among others. A series of school textbooks for Spanish-speaking countries. As an illustrator is signed on many cute books for children: The Cat and the Fox, Miracle of 34th Street, Zpěvníček, Kachničky, Pepánkova adventure trip Vesely, The Princess and the key ad. It has also pictures of Czech language textbooks and Početnice published in the 90s and is the author of popular children's comic book about Blue Bear, which was published ten years to continue in the TV magazine. Blue bear, curious and a friend with a good heart, and then became the hero of her other books, booklets, coloring books or calendars.

Father Zdenek Miler had first invited to collaborate on books Mole and Paraplíčko (1986) and Medicine and the Mole (Mole How healed mouse, 1987), then of course there incognito. Under the banner of Albatros publishing house in 2005, he began working with his father officially. There he met his long-time advisor in the field of book production and merchandising Martin Slavik, who from 2011 represents. Even as co-authors are Catherine and Zdeněk Miler Miler signed on LEPORELO Mole and spring, summer and Mole, Mole and Mole and autumn and winter, Krtkův week and book Mole and fish, where he first discovered his own new character tits tit. Mole also often drew on advent calendars, puzzles, baby t-shirts, cards, coloring books and other items. And her husband live in Posázaví, where in addition to drawing and picture books for children and devotes his other lifelong love - horses.

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