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Petr Stepanek and Jan Vlasak at ABC and Rococo

Petr Stepanek and Jan Vlasak at ABC and Rococo City Theatres of Prague preparing for November, two premieres, which will feature familiar faces set, but also two newcomers. The ABC Theatre is tested drama Taking Sides Jan Vlasák starring Rococo Theatre specified in the Czech premiere production hours before the wedding with Peter Stepanek. Premiere will take place on 7 and 14 November.

Brilliantly written play Taking Sides Ronald Harwood (incl. Also the author of the screenplay Oscar-winning film The Pianist) about the search for truth and social responsibility of the artist in a totalitarian society give ABC Theatre on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.
"The drama takes place shortly after the war in Berlin and this is a game about the process of denazification, cleansing German society. It is about the clash between American investigator, an officer who has the task to reveal the big Nazi fish - and one of the leading conductors of that time, Wilhelm Furtwängler, a recognized genius artist accused of active participation in the Nazi government. The play raises the question of whether the artist has a moral right to form "under the heading" criminal regime, whether they are separated by politics and art, where the artist guilty, if allowed to use the scheme, even if standing aside and actively participate in policy is not applied. These questions go to the core, transcend to a more general level, and cease to apply only artists. How can you live in a criminal regime and neprovinit it? The whole game is very exciting and dramatic and reflects many of what you went through in Germany after World War II and how they managed to cope with it. That cleansing treatment had a great sense because many countries that have undergone the process, such as Austria, are still struggling with the consequences. And I think that this topic has great resonance in our country. With its totalitarian past the Czech company simply could not handle, and it is one of the main reasons why our society is in the state it is, "says director Peter Svojtka.

The role of conductor will be presented by Jan Vlasak, as an American investigator Vasil Fridrich. Then you will see Veronica Janek and Pavel Jurica and two new signings File Prague Metropolitan Theatres Nina Horakova and Jiri Suchy from Tabor. The premiere will take place on the 7th November at the ABC Theatre.

The second season premiere of the Spanish drama Pera Riera hours before the wedding, subtitled Each family is sick on their own.

Drama about how financial and business interests devastate family relationships, staged by director Andrew Hare: "Concerns game hours before the wedding is intended primarily for those who sacrifice everything to the family, and yet their relationships with loved ones more like hell. When the family in addition hides a terrible secret, a lot of fun. Successful but aging businessman Viktor - head of the family - is looking forward to finally marry his daughter to a good husband. He does not know, however, that his three sons had just hilarious multinational company for sweets deflated. So a day that should have been a happy moment in family history is turning into a nightmare. And I can promise you that it all only begins. Contemporary modern playwright is indeed games with similar themes is full, but the text of the Spanish discovery Pera Riera from this production defies not only the original punchline. Our unquestionable rights are in jeopardy. How do we keep? That is the key question that shockingly young playwright asks. "

Besides Petr Stepanek starring on the stage of Theatre Rococo from 14th November will also see Michael Badinková alternating with Barbara Valentová, Viktor Dvorak, George Han, Dan Batulkovou, Masha Malkovich Luke Jurka, Evellyn Pacolákovou and Milan Kačmarčíka.

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