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Prevention of sports injuries, or protection from head to toe

Every day we follow the media reports of unpleasant injuries sustained in sports. Most of these accidents can be prevented while the use of appropriate personal protective equipment. They are currently able to protect humans almost perfectly.

1st Helmet

It should constitute the basic equipment of almost every professional and amateur athletes. Head trauma is undoubtedly rank among the most serious accidents. Most often it is a concussion or skull fractures, however, can often lead to more severe contusion of the brain and produce unconsciousness. With the right selection of helmets can help in the shop. Surely they must fit properly when the movements of the head may move and also not obstruct your view.

Second Glasses

Protective goggles are suitable for cyclists, skiers, tennis players, floorball and many other athletes. Classic sports products are made from plastic alloys, which are lightweight and safely while protecting eyes from mechanical injury. Glasses also screens eyes from flying particles and dust. For skiing or summer sports are certainly useful products with UV protection to protect your eyes against unnecessary stress.

3. Protection of your face and teeth

Fractures of the facial bones and teeth are fairly common among hockey players, boxers, rugby and cricket players. In our country in this category without a doubt the most widely mouthguards. Protect your teeth during operation of hazardous activities should be in the interest of every professional and amateur athletes. These products are mostly adapted to the shape and pressing teeth. Special hockey mouthguards may also be provided with a loop for attaching the grille helmet.

4th Elbow pads, wrist, shin and ankle

Pro football players are necessary shin, for skaters, wrist, elbow and knee pads and snowboarding enthusiasts turn the so-called "back protectors." Products are designed to crash or contact with an opponent to spread the energy in a wider area, thus significantly reducing the risk of fractures and other unpleasant injuries.

5. Suitable clothing and footwear

Specially designed clothes make up the image of each athlete. In addition, however, it meets a series of trade missions. Boots example, reducing the risk of slipping and dangerous fall. Running shoes are designed to make the most moderated load hocks. When choosing the appropriate tools to make sure the quality and appropriate size. The shoes should not be too large to slip them legs, but also must never push.

If you fumble in today's rich assortment of protective equipment, get advice from retailers of sporting goods. And remember that health is only one, so throw unnecessary prejudice and do not forget when you sport always adequately protect against unnecessary injuries.

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