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The biggest enemy is your physical condition? We ourselves!

Fitness, running, cycling - you have a problem with how to motivate for regular sports? And how do you maintain this motivation for weeks, months and years? Learn how to outwit ourselves.

Long working hours, family responsibilities or bad weather. These are circumstances that prevent us most in keeping regular sport mode. Or rather serves as a good excuse?

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Motivation is a foreign word that someone may sound distant or uncomfortable. But what drives us in our lives, whether we strive for anything. So how do you motivate the sport?
Find a partner. Two are better than one, whether it's a walk, trip to the pool or the gym. With a friend you will have fun activities, you will encourage each other and play sports regularly.
Join a group.
Whether you are interested in any sport, you're never the only ones. Join the team football beginner or a group, practice yoga at a local fitness center. Membership fees and fixed times of the lessons are indeed onerous, but just that you will benefit.
Compete with yourself. You love overcomes records and see their improvement. That will now help a lot of electronic devices - from pedometers and bike speedometer to sophisticated mobile applications (eg. Fitocracy). Thanks to some of them can even share your results with the community optimistic, like-minded people. A duty suddenly becomes fun!
Consider with me the headphones.
Take your attention away from the sport and see that it suddenly goes alone. If you exercise on an exercise bike at home need to, you can even turn on the TV, a headphone out put music or spoken word. Just watch out for cars!
Practice for the competition. That was ashamed to show the people? Know that you are around a lot of organizing marches or runs, which are attended by hundreds of other enthusiasts. Nobody here will not watch, but for you alone with a desire to run to the goal can become a great engine for training.
Do not ramble stereotype.
Try more sports, engage more friends. Diversity is important not only for entertainment but also for the body, because each activity can try different muscle groups.
Get inspired by others.
The Internet is a bottomless well of stories of people who you once were (or still are) in the same boat. Whether you're trying to get rid of obesity, increase physical fitness, or grow muscles, motivate the testimonies of those who over themselves already won. Great mediator will in fact be YouTube.
Do not overdo it. Do not be strict with ourselves, Do not be angry with yourselves and bad results. Effort and commitment are in the first place, the performance of secondary importance. In sport you have never not last long if it is not seen as something you do for fun. Even a few days pause is nothing for which you should be punished - just take a deep breath and start again!

Sport activity immensely mainly benefits the heart. And how to improve the overall efficiency, thanks to healthy weight loss, which often brings motion. The sooner you start the activity and the more regularly it will pay, the better for you. We hope that at least some of our advice - literally - take to heart.

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