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Destroy your summer hair, nails and skin? Try using herbs

This summer could be the body really hard. Tropical temperatures and record dry weather adversely affected the immunity of the body and is signed on the quality of the skin, skin, hair and nails.

In order to receive the body back into shape and prepared for the coming cold season, it is now necessary to adequately nourish him. Significant fluctuations in temperature would in fact be able to observe even more. But before heading out hundreds of dollars for special cosmetic products, try to go to the woods, literally - with herbs, whose miraculous benefits and effects used by our ancestors in the Middle Ages.

To cure dry skin, aloe and chamomile tea with anti-inflammatory effects

Why is early autumn dried skin often more rigid than in the frost? The quality of the skin in the summer has had the effect of several factors at once. Mostly to let causing intense sunlight and hot air from it due to increased sweating take vitamins. In the summer, many people are not complying with drinking habits, what is at such high temperatures necessary. Consequently loses skin of needed moisture. A combination of everything, then it dries, it generated free radicals with which the body can not cope under extreme conditions, because the protection mechanisms are weakened, and cell regeneration does not take place so quickly.

"In order for the skin to regain its elasticity and suppleness, treat yourself to a cure of aloe vera to heal skin, moisturized and remove dead skin cells. Intensive effects has also tincture of psorisanu that it gets rid of toxic substances and keep it fresh. Soften and soothe the skin also achieved using comfrey and evening primrose oil and myrtle. Favorable properties for the skin but they also have herbal tea of chamomile, marigold, mint and coltsfoot, which primarily purify the body, which in turn has significantly reflected on the condition of the skin, "says herbalist famous Czech Jarmila Podhorná.

Get rid of dry, dead skin cells on the skin helps too hot steaming face blended with herbs such as chamomile, mint and lavender bath or a couch, burdock, tea tree, calendula, eucalyptus, comfrey and nasturtium. After treatment, the skin should come to a series of still nourishing face mask of herbal oils of chamomile, patchouli or lavender variant is also the olive oil. On domestic support skin you can use tincture of penízovky, couch grass and burdock.

Strength gives the hair extract of burdock

After a dry, hot summer suffer from hair. Like the skin they do not get needed moisture, they are dried and do not get enough vitamins. The natural freshness, flexibility and luster can not be talking about. If you want to give them regenerate naturally, rely on shampoos, body wraps and masks made ​​from fresh herbs and natural oils. "Basic nutrition gives the hair through the effects of sea buckthorn, which is a rich source of vitamins. It improves the quality of hair, for example, nettle, their strength will support again extract of burdock. It also improves the quality of the scalp and prevents hair loss. Soapwort, comfrey or Marshmallow turn, are ideal for routine cleaning and washing your hair, "herbalist recommends Podhorná.

Assistant to care for dry hair but can be found easily on your own garden. Decoction of parsley in fact contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, and can therefore like to use the ancient Greeks. Hair adds shine again chamomile or coltsfoot, but also almond, jasmine, linseed oil or palm oil. To improve the quality of the scalp, use tincture of birch, nasturtium, penízovky, pine and black currant.

Horsetail healed nail in the Middle Ages

Also nails that are weak, frayed and broken, is one of the negative consequences of a record hot summer. Their quality is reduced again to blame the hot rays of the sun, dry air and lack of fluids. Even in this case the lack of vitamins and other substances that are commonly nourish. The basic building material for the regeneration of nails and collagen, which they can obtain by using castor oil. "It is extracted from the castor bean herb named. In combination with lemon juice is very effective nail nutrition. Excellent healing agent is also an herbal compound St. John's wort, thyme, chamomile and burdock. Likewise, I can recommend marigold, stems or horsetail. It is even used in the Middle Ages, because it is a rich source of silicon, which can also be supplied from the couch or tincture gemmoterapeutikem bud fir or pine, "says Jarmila Podhorná.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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