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SEΛ + ΛIR - "Europe"

SEΛ + ΛIR - "Europe" 600 concerts, 22 countries, three years non-stop touring across a changing Europe. Concert in Lisbon neighborhood demonstrations, which became a street fight filled with violence. In Italy, a smoky back room filled with bales of money. Meeting with Ukrainian fans with the threat of impending war behind them. And in the midst of all this Greek-German couple.

Eleni Zafiriadou and Daniel Benjamin, or SEΛ + ΛIR be able to find themselves at the right time at the right place. During the three-year tour garnered debut album "My Heart's Sick Chord" recognition as a duo, which in Europe have gathered enough material for a new recording. It was not easy to put together a touring musical ideas. While they are spending hours and hours in the car and slept in all these strange hotels. And so they had a chance to only the most interesting and catchiest themes that duo reinvent the recording Evropi.

Their submission indie rock draws from pop in the days when it was dangerous, troublesome and perhaps rebellious. But SEΛ + ΛIR refused to give up his rawness and show that contemporary music can be surprising. Duo likes to play with extremes and sexual stereotypes. Daniel falset and Eleni androgynous vocals can confuse the listener, and sometimes not easy to know who sings the voice on songs like "Mercy Looks Good On You" and "hahahahaha".

SEΛ + ΛIR recorded an amazing album of contemporary Europe, a continent that is undergoing significant changes. They refused to succumb to the slickness and tried to minimize the Anglo-American musical influences. As a result created a remarkable record, but which lack catchy songs such as "I Should Care" or "Peace Begins At Home", at which point the radio.


In Germany, the acting duo, which consists of husband and wife Daniel and Eleni, plays dreamy indie rock with baroque harpsichord inspired melodies.
Daniel and his wife Eleni played together, compose and act as Daniel Benjamin more than a decade, during which it played over 1200 concerts throughout the world and opened for such bands like The White Stripes, The Flaming Lips, Jose Gonzalez, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Woven Hand and Sufjan Stevens.

Breaking year for them was 2010, when it opened for Whitney Houston on her European tour. After he discovered that his voice can take even such a huge arena, they decided to change his name to Sea + Air and embark on his own world tour. Before that, however, they released their debut album as Sea + Air, which they called My Heart's Sick Chord (2012).
They draw inspiration across styles. The influence of German music 70s and the Bach Baroque period they mingle with pleasant melodies, creating a unique and timeless music. Daniel combines brilliantly with experimental pop, which, combined with the voice of his wife Eleni form a wonderful whole.

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