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A combination of painkillers and alcohol: the stomach, liver, and kidneys have not please

You are going to a party, but you head ached. The drug hesitate, do you drink alcohol. But then you wear it, like most people in a similar situation. What do the cocktail of pills and alcohol threatens our body?

Paracetamol is a common drug which most people use to relieve pain or reduce high temperature. Combination analgesics paracetamol and alcoholic beverages, however, represents a significant threat to the liver. In the case of a tablet the risk is low, however, consuming large amounts of the drug and alcohol provides irreversible changes. Both are toxic to the liver, changing their structure and causes cell death. Liver damage is apparent:
elevated temperature,
pain in muscles and joints,
nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.

So if you take painkillers containing paracetamol, preferring to avoid drinking alcohol.

Beware of stomach!

Ibuprofen is undoubtedly the most widely used analgesic today. The reason is simple. The drug works well for a wide spectrum of pain and has a relatively low incidence of side effects. The combination of alcohol and ibuprofen is not so dramatic as in the case of paracetamol. When the party before you take one tablet and drink in moderation, nothing serious happens. However, if you take more ibuprofen and simultaneously overdo it with alcohol consumption could result in serious digestive problems.

Ibuprofen also because alcohol irritates the stomach lining and their combination can cause stomach bleeding.
The risk of irritation can be reduced by ibuprofen take it with a meal, or select a dosage form as the effervescent granules. Examples of the preparation can be Brufedol which is particularly gentle to the mucosa of the digestive system.
Beware should have individuals suffering from impaired kidney and liver function, possibly taking ibuprofen should consult a doctor beforehand. In their case, of course, is absolutely inappropriate alcohol consumption.

Always wins temperance

The vast majority of physicians in general does not advocate drinking alcohol while taking pain medication. But sometimes when you put a glass on a small amount of analgesics, nothing terrible happens. Wary but would have individuals suffering from diseases of the digestive system or liver impairment and kidney.

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