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"Trutnoff in Prague" - The Prodigy will return in November

"Trutnoff in Prague" - The Prodigy will return in November A week ago ended Trutnoff Open Air festival, which was headlined by British band The Prodigy use electronic shamans who the festival on the main stage completed successful appearances as a wild and energetic dot. Trutnoffského organizers of the festival on the first day of school prepared an interesting and funny gift ..

The band used on tens of thousands halls and major festivals in our country will perform in concert for their unusual spaces - in a more intimate environment with limited capacity - in Prague's Karlin Forum. Their concert entitled "Trutnoff in Prague" will take place on November 16 and November 17 will be a celebration a reminder of nearly eightieth Vaclav Havel, who is chief trutnoffského festival.
The Prodigy us to come back after three months from their festival gig to appear in an extraordinary environment Forum Karlin. Attention, capacity is limited!

It is known that in the bands trutnoffském foothill camp plays well. Concerts on the local hard-packed red soil are energetic and deluxe. Whipped susceptible visitors who are musicians wife yet more performances and a group of like to hear. Issued from himself more than elsewhere - everything. And this applies not only to the home.

In many still echoing the great concert experiences of shamans The Prodigy on Trutnoff Open Air Festival last Sunday, and it may be the opening day of the school year looking forward to the next. The Prodigy trutnoffského festival atmosphere seemed impressed and affected so much that they decided to return and organizer of the oldest music festival of its kind in the country turned with a request to the realization of yet another concert within the almost closed the autumn tour.

"Because we know that many of the great festival appearances for various reasons could not attend, we decided to accept the offer of the band and realize one more exceptional and extraordinary individual concert with limited capacity within fall tour of The Prodigy" at the wadi Indian Marta Věchetová.

This concert will be truly exceptional - it will be a celebration of freedom that brought us November 17th and will take place in an intimate, almost a club environment than the fans and the band itself used to. Capacity will be limited.
"It was one of our conditions. Do a concert that will be something special and different. In special areas different from those of the festival hall as well. A band that went on, "said
the organizer Martin Geronimo Věchet. While in the foreign band fills ten thousand halls, performing with us in the Forum Karlin with a capacity of 3,000 people. As part of their tour may go on one such concert. "It's iconic to meet with a family atmosphere with the most loyal fans and those who want to touch the immediate atmosphere. Many will be able to mention the magical atmosphere of the festival's trutnoffského transferred for one night in a confined space modern Fora Karlin. The newly created space evocative of old Lucerne in a modern version of The Prodigy is well suited for its advanced technologies and using the most current materials. In contrast, viewers will be able to meet even the known trutnoffskými elements - tiny stalls and natural proprieties of the festival, "says Eva Lime Navratilova.

"The Trutnoff Open Air Festival you probably really remembered his punk years, as stated in our Festival samizdat John Kománková. This corresponded well as festivals osmdesátiminutová unusual length of performance, compared to the usual hour. Incidentally, the first, with whom the band after arriving at the battlefield gradually welcomed and whom he later pinned on his Instagram was still behind the scenes grazing goat Agatha, "say organizers.

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