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Services related to tenancy - what must the landlord provide?

In the contract of lease of an apartment should not include information about what specific services the lessor shall provide. Whatever the lease agreement contains arrangements on services or not, some services are required by the Act and the landlord has a duty to ensure tenants. What are they?

"The law expressly provides that essential services related to renting an apartment are garbage and sewage disposal, including cleaning tanks, heat supply, municipal waste removal, lighting and cleaning of the common parts of the building, providing radio and television broadcasting, operation and cleaning of chimneys and possibly operation elevator, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. Depending on the circumstances, may be necessary in other types of services.

The obligation to provide necessary services to the landlord against the tenant for the duration of the lease, regardless of whether the lease agreement contains provisions on services. Although this situation is rather unique, lessee and the lessor may agree in the contract that the landlord is not obliged to provide services or are indispensable.

The law also expressly prohibits the landlord demanded tenant transactions other than rent, deposit services, or payments for services connected with the lease. "These unacceptable transactions are, for example, payments to the owners associations, such as payments to fund repairs or for administrative house. These payments can not be considered rent or for services related to renting an apartment. However, nothing prevents landlords from making these costs take into account the rent, "says Luke Green.

Landlord and the tenant have the opportunity in the lease agreement that the payment for the services will be paid a lump sum. If you choose this option, the services provided to tenancy with nevyúčtovávají. Otherwise, the tenant must pay the landlord the deposit or payment for services, and the landlord must conduct regular billing services.

Unless otherwise agreed in the lease agreement, the tenant is obligated to pay the deposit or payment for services in advance for each calendar month not later than the 5th day of the calendar month together with the rent. The amount of advances to either negotiate a tenant and the landlord, or was in the case of cooperative housing decisions housing association. "As in the case of rent is also true that the landlord can the tenant to deposit cash certainty that the lessee will pay reimbursement for services related to tenancy "adds Green.

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