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Tutored you the flu? Beware of dehydration!

Adequate fluid intake is important. But if we are sick, it becomes replenishment more than a necessity. Due to diarrhea, vomiting or fever because we are losing a lot of water, and if we did not bring her body again, threatened by dehydration us. How can this condition be prevented?

If you suffer from febrile illness or the so-called intestinal flu, it is necessary to continuously supply your body with liquids. Rather than a large amount all at once it is recommended that frequent drinking of smaller volumes.

If you are unsure whether you drink enough during the day, it can help you record fluid intake.

When selecting avoid those products containing caffeine and alcohol, as these lead to further loss of water. Carbonated beverages are also recommended.

Suitable liquids which can be used in addition to water itself also add needed sugar and salts include sports drinks, soup, juice or diluted conveniently called rehydration solution. Its simplified version can be easily made at home from readily available ingredients: up to a liter of water, add 8 teaspoons sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 cup unsweetened fruit juice or 2 oranges. Rehydration solution can also be purchased already prepared in the pharmacy.

Reduce fever and body wraps using commonly available medication helps reduce fluid loss through sweating and sick are more concerned about their income.

Sufficient drinking can be roughly checked by the quantity and color of urine produced. If you are pissing and little urine is dark, you need to drink more.

Other signs are lack of irrigation, dry mouth, thirst, reduced skin tension, decreased weight, headache, dizziness and a rapid pulse. Severe cases of dehydration may end up in death.

Especially dangerous are fluid loss in young children and especially babies.
If a child less urine (no wet diapers or help them less than usual) when he cries tears do not flow and has a so-called sunken eyes or sunken fontanelle, do not hesitate to visit to the pediatrician.

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