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For deer Kvilda. Administration of the Šumava National Park opened a new visitor center.

Learn life deer see them with my own eyes in their natural environment - 19 August offers brand new Visitor Centre near Kvilda. The biggest attraction while the trail inside the enclosure devítihektarového campus located in an attractive environment, but also deliver modern energy passive house for the public, which is built in the traditional style and Šumava is one of the few in the country.

Opening of the Visitor Centre Kvilda, dedicated deer is one concrete result of the last stage of a long-term project plan zoological program.

"At the very beginning of the whole project were selected seven sites where they could build visitor centers of a similar type, but focusing on different kinds of animals. The first consideration was necessary to deal with suitable habitat for each animal and, therefore, each site. For Kvilda into the spruce forest were originally selected three kinds of animals. At the launch of the operation will be in the paddock deer, and these will gradually be replenished in the coming years on paddocks with lynx and wild pig, "said the deputy director of the Sumava NP Milos Juha.

Visitor center Kvilda offers the opportunity to relax and explore both indoors modern conceived of the house and its surroundings.

"Visitors begin their tour of the city parking lot, which we have done the most natural, and broken down so that it was not a monolithic paved surface. It holds fifty cars and three buses. Subsequently issued a building that is energy passive and uses all the modern technology, environmentally friendly energy gains. But it is also built in the style of Šumava architecture with a modern concept, "explains Juha Milos.

Buildings have a wide range of modern technologies and noteworthy video transmission from the paddocks, where visitors can physically limited itself to control cameras in the range of animals and the image will be transferred to the big screen in the main exposition room. The exposition will be six multifunction display cabinets with interactive features and exhibits. Next to the building is also a playground with non-traditional game elements.

"Inside the visitor center it is also a conference room for about 40 people. Here, we will organize photo exhibitions and seminars focused mainly on zoology, "says a spokesman of the National Park Šumava Jan Dvořák

The building is then followed by an educational circuit length of 2.5 kilometers and range in size almost nine hectares, which will be up to ten pieces of deer. On the trail there are three observation towers, through which visitors will be able to watch stags and hinds of the best views.

"The visitor center Kvilda see new potential of what it can offer the NP management locals and visitors. I hope to offer this facility will contribute to the attractiveness of Šumava and the possibility of more intense "experience" of Sumava for everyone, "says the Director of Administration of the Šumava National Park Pavel Thin.

Visitor center Kvilda is financed from European Union funds, specifically from the Operational Programme Environment with a share of 90%. The total cost is EUR 75 million including VAT.

Source: tz Sumava NP

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