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In late summer it is good to check the thermostat. Poor care can jeopardize their functioning

The end of summer is the best time for inspection and maintenance thermostats for central heating radiators. Few, however, know that it is important to let the non-heating season all thermostatic valves fully open. Minor action valve because otherwise they could during the long summer of inactivity damaged. The right choice of heads, with protection against excessive stroke bowling, potential problems can be avoided.

Thermostatic valves contribute significantly to savings in heating costs. Due to its mechanism is automatically regulate the room temperature at a preset range. Suitable control of the thermostatic valve can reduce the cost of heating the room by 10 to 20%. In summer, when heating the house or apartment does not work, but it is good to pay thermostatic valves appropriate care. Thermostats should be kept clean once in a while to get rid of dust and wager. Few know, however, that the non-heating season, it is very important to bring all the thermostatic valves on radiators completely open - set at the highest level, usually on the "Five".

"To thermostatic valve to function reliably for a long time, it is important to keep open during the summer. If the non-heating season valve for a long time to close, unnecessarily strain the spring and may also freeze the regulator cone or damaged and need replacing, "says
a small but important summer maintenance thermostats Karel Hajman, product manager for the company, which is engaged sales, service and installation of heating technology. "Although the majority of manufacturers of this information in the manuals do not, it is good to follow this rule. Just after the heating season circumvent all radiators and thermostatic valves fully open. But even this crucial step can be avoided by installing heads with protection against excessive stroke bowling, "said Charles Hajman.

Manufacturers and suppliers generally about the need for proper user maintenance thermostats informed only minimally. Their correct functionality is yet to optimize the work of the entire heating system in the house key. "Questions about how to keep the thermostat, seeing more and more. It is enough if the community owners or managers placed information about proper maintenance of valves and radiators needed to house bulletin board, "said Charles Hajman. Often also leads to loss of function, for example, for heads with wax sensor, which after years of losing its regulatory function and should therefore be replaced. "In the case of accession to the exchange, it is necessary to know what you have thermostatic valves and what their connections. Not all heads are in fact compatible. Some manufacturers, however, offer ends with possibility of mounting valves and other manufacturers, "said John Kadleček the company tings.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz, editorially modified

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