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dTest: offers job you pay

At first glance, unpretentious, well-paid work from home? Search hook. Businessman operating a website asks candidates nearly 1,000 CZK that could even begin to work. Until a written contract proposal can be seen that this is not a job but a different form of cooperation.

"Applicant expects the performance envelope and easy extra income. In fact, promotional leaflets is not enough to put in an envelope, but must itself obtain the addresses where to send the envelopes. It is believed the active promotion of certain services bidder on advertising portals and in newspapers, while the costs are borne by himself. Should he succeed, obtained from third parties envelope bearing the address of a mark. To insert the flyers and unsealed it sends entrepreneurs who will send, "says Luke Green, head of the legal department Dtest. It is waiting for those interested in the reward or CZK 6.50 to CZK 12.50 per envelope.

Sounds too complicated? According to the businessman Tomas Velcla is not an offer of employment, but on cooperation in the form of self-employment activities performed at home. If you're an entrepreneur or not, but it does not care. In the contract or not the place to fill your ID. Opportunity to conclude a cooperation agreement reached after registration and payment of CZK 980 for starting package, which, however, contains nothing more than a contractual documents. The existence of this fee entrepreneur justifies the fact that you can not afford to send free these expensive materials and documents to anyone who requests it.

Mandatory paid registration does not oblige you to sign a contract on cooperation. "It's like you have to pay for the opportunity to stand in line for a particular product or service. If you eventually decide not to use the offer, you will be happy when you return part of the fee back. Such marketing is contrary to good morals and candidates who do not sign a contract, they should argue their annulment and demand back the entire amount, "says Luke Green.

If you are looking for extra income on the Internet, be cautious. Serious offer so you know that your future employer will be interested to know and learn more about you. Certainly since it will not require any payment before the contract is concluded or afterwards. Request payment in advance is the most reliable indicator of fraudulent ad. Other warning signals are promises of high earnings for little work, or that the advertiser does not in itself important information such as company name or the name of an individual identification number (ID) and other contact information.

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