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Bulbs belong to electro or 7 most common errors in sorting waste

That Czechs depends on the environment, they exhibit both surveys, as well as the ever increasing number of waste separators. Although two-thirds of sorts, whether at home or at work, often perpetrated ingrained mistakes which undermined the efforts. Which are most commonly Přešlapy?

Waste segregation is considered a social responsibility and is the most common manifestation considerate behavior to the environment. However, it also has practical benefits. Smaller volume of mixed waste reduces cost to the municipality, which pays for storage. Yet among people still appears on the topic of waste sorting series of meaningless information.

First mistake: Television belong to the red container

Red containers for small electrical appliances in the Czech Republic is still relatively low. Often, it is the recycling of electrical sins. In this container are not computer monitors or TVs, energy efficient light bulbs or large household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. All the electrical equipment can deliver free of charge at the city recycling center. Purchase electrical waste and its subsequent liquidation deal also specialized companies or from you assume the dealer from whom you buy a new appliance.

Tip: Do red container and discard batteries, calculators, small computer equipment, telephones, hair dryers, curling irons, shavers, electronic toys.

2nd mistake: We do not have anything dangerous at home

If there is any product out wheeled bin symbol, the packaging does not belong to any container or into the mixed waste. It is a hazardous waste, the precise characteristics of dangerous describe other graphical symbols in an orange field, such as a skull or symbol of fire. "The hazardous waste must include elektroodpad or expired medicines of all kinds. If they end up in the trash or toilet bowl, can contaminate water or soil, "says Vladimír Vácha, spokesman for E.ON.

Tip: Medication and sometimes used medical equipment is easiest to carry back to the pharmacy. Alternatives are collection points.

3rd mistake: Everything must be perfectly clean

Do not be. Minor pollution plastic packaging is permissible. This applies both in foods and in cosmetic preparations. "There is no need to worry about throwing away empty containers of dry goods, it is not because of the dangerous substance. Just as the remnants of cosmetic products, such as shower gels, shampoos or creams, totally consumed, "advises Vladimir Vacha. Only problem is the grease. But if you want a bottle of vegetable oil wash, throw it into the household waste. Beware of spilling its contents into the sewer - vegetable oil solidifies in the pipe, and not only can clog the connection, but the problem also operates oil sewage treatment plants.

Tip: Crucible yogurt just scrape a spoon!

4th mistake: Polystyrene into plastics makes

And you know that there really belong? Plastics comes as consumer electronics or fill boxes. In the event that polystyrene is used as insulation and construction thereon plaster discarded into construction waste. The Czech Republic ranks within the recycling of plastic waste to clearly friendliest countries in Europe. The last European statistics Eurostat shows that the Czech system of collecting packaging waste highly effective and the Czech Republic and therefore been among the plastic recycling among the top three countries of the European Union.

Tip: Boxes, therefore, Thermo, which you do in a restaurant packed takeaway food, also belong to plastics.

5th mistake: The mirror glass and ceramics are

Glass is given either to green container, or white, which is designed to clear glass. It is necessary to distinguish because they are recycled separately. Do these containers but not ceramic or porcelain, windscreen, gilt and metallised glass or mirrors. "Melting glass is preferable because it can be repeated to melt. The problem is the coating. Broken ceramic vase or porcelain discard unwanted household waste, glass with him because not handle, "explains Vladimir Vacha.

Tip: A green container also includes a colorless plate glass door.

Sixth mistake: Plato from eggs belongs to Paper

Cartons of eggs are often dropped into a container for paper. It's a mistake, because these packages has once again not be recycled. Current technologies make it possible to recycle paper only seven times, and in the case of egg trays or rolls of toilet paper it always has the last exercise of this matter. Vhazujte is therefore household waste. However, they may also come into compost.

Tip: Something Clever Hands! For packages of eggs and rolls of toilet paper can be produced, for example makeshift pot.

Seventh mistake: Used Kleenex belongs to Paper

Used Kleenex into a container of paper for hygienic reasons do not belong. For the same reasons here not possible throw or paper diapers, which additionally contain plastic. "Although minor contamination in plastics, to some extent, in order, do not apply to paper recycling. Into the blue container should therefore not throw greasy and dirty paper packaging, "says Vacha.

Tip: Do not throw or laminated paper or waxed paper.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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