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Believe it or not, or 7 myths about pregnancy

There are lots of things a couple can do to support your chances of conceiving. However circulating among people and many misleading and wrong information and the following lines reveal some of them. Believe it or not, or 7 myths about pregnancy

First pregnant after stopping the pill lasts a long time

Many women think that after stopping birth control pills takes about 6-12 months before they adjusted to the cycle, and that during this period are their chances of becoming pregnant reduced. According to studies, it is not true, rather the contrary. Many women have a regular cycle after 1 month and hope the baby is not quite the same as before using contraception . Therefore, a woman who spontaneously gets menses within three months after discontinuation of powders should consult a doctor.

2. When the pregnancy fails, it should find a few experts after one year of trying,

Of course, this mostly applies, but there are exceptions. Definitely see a specialist sooner should women who are more than 35 years. You should seek a specialist after 6 months of unsuccessful efforts. If the woman is younger than 35 years and if some gynecological disorders (endometriosis, irregular cycles, etc.), Then even this had a consultation with a doctor wait all year long.

3. The success guarantee intercourse during the basal body temperature rising

Part of the women watching their body temperature through ovulation and thinks that the chance of fertilization is greatest when the temperature begins to rise. This temperature measurement is a good method to determine the fertile days, but the woman would not wait for the temperature to rise. That's in fact result in ovulation , which occurred before the rise in body temperature. If that is the woman doing her chances of conception by contrast, are reduced. It is best if the couple to have intercourse the day before ovulation, because sperm can survive for several days. This method works especially well for women with regular menstrual cycle, when it is possible to track down the days before ovulation.

4. If your child is already a man, it is not possible for the cause of childlessness

The fact that one partner has already become a father, does not mean that the situation of the parties of its fertility could change that. In men had since then could lead to many changes, such as body weight or health status. All this affects fertility. And there is always the possibility that the man simply was not the biological father of the child. Therefore, a specialist should always go both partners and both should undergo examination.

Fifth chances of conception increases everyday lovemaking

Even this statement is not true. Ideally, if the couple has intercourse during the fertile days around women, but even in this time it is not necessary that the sex everyday. Every other day is just right.

6. Some positions are hopeful

The idea that positions during sex can affect conception itself, or perhaps even gender offspring is a real myth.

7. fertility help only expensive vitamins

Some vitamin products proclaim how much they can encourage entry into another state, but the evidence for this claim is really a minimum. Therefore, according to many experts, expensive vitamins are simply a waste of money.

Thus awareness is a good thing, however, is not above saying, "Trust, but verify."

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