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The transition from the pediatrician practitioner: the prevention of longer look after themselves

The eighteenth birthday, many things changed in my life. You start your things resolve themselves, and you turn a little more responsible. This applies not only to the various formal matters, but also your health.

In the eighteen years since migrating to the pediatrician practitioner for adults. Until then, you're used to you from time to time received an invitation on a preventive examination. That, however, will not happen. It does not mean that you are not entitled to it, just the doctor no longer has an obligation to invite examination. How closely do you worry about your health, from now on you.

What you have right

Prevention is very important weapon in the fight against many diseases. If the disease is detected in time, then usually easier to treat and the impacts on the health of the minor. Therefore, we would like to, on what and when you are entitled to a GP. Preventive inspection is free once every two years. Under it, your doctor should perform:
physical examination - ie. testing view, palpation, percussion and auscultation;
determination of body mass index (BMI - body mass index);
urinalysis diagnostic-paper;
determining the level of glucose in the blood, so called. glycemia - the examination is carried out first at the initial examination and then 40 years every two years;
determination of total cholesterol, HDL ("good cholesterol"), LDL ("bad cholesterol") and fats (triglycerides) in the blood - is checked during the examination and then at 30, 40, 50 and 60 years;
- the measurement is carried out in 40 years, and then every four years;
Guidance eye examination and hearing;
Tour of the skin;
breast examination - conducted in women 25 years of age who are at increased risk of developing breast cancer (incidence in the family, the presence of genetic mutations BRCA gene); all women 45 years of age can recommend mammograms every two years during the screening;
control testes - occurs at a greater risk of developing cancer, or in the case of the same disease in the family;
Tour rectum
- is carried out at increased risk of developing prostate cancer or rectum, or when they are sick like your earliest;
examination of occult blood in the stool - this is a screening checks for colorectal cancer (karconomu colon and rectum), after 55 years it can be replaced with a screening colonoscopy every 10 years.

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