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It is never too late. Meryl Streep in the role of rockers

Jonathan Demme: "In everyone's life there was a moment that would like to change."

Meryl Streep to us under the direction of Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme's film is never too late screenplay by Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody is a way we have never experienced it - in the role of rock singer and guitarist.

In the original film full of live music performances Streep portrays a character Ricki Rendazzové, the famous guitarist who is trying to fulfill their dreams of rock'n'roll glory has committed countless errors life. During homecoming he gets face his family a chance to rectify these mistakes and change. Streep in the film alongside his real daughter Mamie Gummer, Rick Springfield as a member of the band The Flash, who is in love with Ricki, Kevin Kline in the role Rickiina ex, and Audra McDonald in the role Kline current wife.

"In everyone's life there was a moment that would like to change,"
he says director Jonathan Demme, who took a picture of directing is never too late. Ricki, memorably played by Meryl Streep, is a rock star who regrets his past mistakes and getting a chance to fix them. "When Ricki sees that her daughter finds himself in big trouble," says Demme, "he understands that it is a lifesaving chance, and try to rectify all its mistakes committed in the past. "

"We all have to live with their mistakes,"
says Streep. "I think he wants to be her children should rather make her - I think that's regrets - but he can think about such things quite rationally. Ricki lives for the present - behave impulsively and follows what it feels right. It is a relief to play someone who does not behave the way others think that they should behave. In essence, he says that it is, and nobody was doing much about it. "

"Ricki Rendazzová certainly presents Meryl Streep like the kind we've never seen before," says Demme. "Meryl you in your career dares to very notable roles - whether it is a representation of the actual figures, for example, or a terrifying witch in the movie Čarovný Forest . They are very definite character. In this film, although Ricki also quite pronounced, but Meryl accommodate it very mildly - a real, credible guitarist, a woman twenty-first century. "

"It is not a stylization and idealization - these are real people,"
says Streep. "Solves a real, complicated, uncomfortable issues. They are the result of funny, but at the same time also very touching. "

Ricki Rendazzová was born in the mind of Diablo Cody, Oscar-winning screenwriter of the film Juno and again and otherwise, as well as TV series Tara and her world.

Cody says that the inspiration for such a unique figure in fact comes from her private life, including the circles very close. "The character was inspired by my Ricki-law Terry, who is the singer in a rock group Silk and Steel in New Jersey," says Cody. "Terry is a grandmother of six grandchildren, and still performs every weekend, raging at the bar and the audience going crazy from it. Rock'n'roll is her whole life and I think I have met people who thought that what she likes, it is the mother or even grandmother somewhat inappropriate - and it's absolutely one. That's what I like about it. "

When Marc Platt had a hand in the original screenplay Diablo Cody, was able to convince to participate in the film Meryl Streep. "As with Meryl known for a great many years and I know how she likes the musical role, I was immediately clear that this character would, in my opinion wanted to play, "says Platt." I was in London and worked with Meryl on Charming forest, and one day I told her that for her, I have something in my opinion is truly exceptional and I would be glad if you read it. Since the sincerity with which character Ricki Cody created, me too surprised when Meryl me a few weeks later asking if you still remember the script, I gave her, and that he was thrilled. And the rest was easy. "

This role gave Streep a chance to appear on the canvas in joint scenes with his real daughter Mamie Gummer and actress. Because this film is basically the story of a mother and daughter adds a real relationship between HR roles both in intensity. Demme insisted that together beyond their common scene during the shooting did not speak. Because they are actually very close, their alienation permeates the film, which is as obvious as you both are very similar. A true family relationship movie added an unusual dose of realism.

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