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ZOO Liberec: New born female Rothschild giraffe has a name Anastasia

ZOO Liberec has since Wednesday morning a brand new addition to the group of Rothschild giraffes. Beautiful and strong female who today was named Anastasia is a descendant of a female Twigy born in Liberec Zoo in 2006, and a nine males Mike, who is in Liberec since 2008, where he came from ZOO Arnhem / NL.

The birth took place in the insulated box without complications and without assistance from caregivers. Females have a height of about 170 cm, and weighs approximately 60 kg. For several tens of minutes after coming into the world with Anastasia bravely stood up on his long, but at that time rather wobbly legs. The first steps after the Liberec land affected logically a few shaky falls to the floor giraffe exposure. But everything happening under the supervision of giraffe mother and caregivers. Females, however, after a moment's rest always managed to stand alone again. ( video )

The baby seems to be in good health and in a few days it should be able to follow his mother and other giraffes in their outdoor enclosure.

Giraffe group has grown by another individual again after almost a year and a half. In March 2014 it was a female Niobe. Liberecká group of Rothschild giraffes are currently seven members. On Monday, 27. 7. was transported from the zoo in Liberec biennial male Nafar Zoo Kaunas in Lithuania.

The situation giraffes in the wild is alarming. Over the past 15 years in Africa to reduce the number of wild giraffes on 60,000 individuals in the current 80 thousand in seven countries, even those animals permanently extinct. Giraffes in the wild is now far less than town inhabitants!

Rothschild giraffe is one of the most endangered subspecies, of which there are nine.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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