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One hundred and one reasons why people use drugs

Motivations to eat more or less, there is a myriad of legal drugs. By far it is not true that in the use of drugs is only personal problems or boredom. So, what are drugs for their users so attractive?

First get in the mood

One of the desirable properties of various drugs, including alcohol, is their ability to get consumers into a pleasant state of elation or euphoria directly. Evoke such a mood, of course, be other ways, such as dancing, sports or sex. These activities require more of our own energy, and drug use is compared to them quicker way to achieve this elevated state.

Explore the 2nd themselves

Another reason for psychoactive substance use may be an attempt to further exploration of himself as a normal means can not. Among the individuals who are experimenting in this way or have experimented in the past, they include many artists. The testimony about their experiences because we have access and we, through songs, pictures and movies.

3rd relieve

Experts with the regular use of drugs often encounter the mentally but also physically ill. These individuals drug more or less consciously taking as a form of self-medication. In many cases, it can temporarily suppress the symptoms that are associated with the disease. The consequence is however emerging dependence on addictive substance with all its adverse consequences.

4th Get rid of inhibitions

For many people, the idea of ​​a first date without drink alcohol almost unimaginable. Reduce inhibitions and banish anxiety represents a timid individuals advantageous property of alcohol or other drugs.

Many artists enjoyed psychoactive substances in search of inspiration, both fighters drugs supplied the necessary courage and increase tolerance to pain , allowing athletes to submit stunning performances. These and many other reasons, however, often lead to regular consumption of addictive substances and the development of a dangerous addiction.

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