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Prague Zoo: Orangutan Pagy returned home after five years

On Friday, around the 13th hour was the pavilion of the Indonesian jungle at the Prague zoo launched from a transport crate male Sumatran orangutan Pagy. Pagy is the son of legendary Kama, the first ever bred in the Czech zoo orangutan and the female been drinking.

Since the spring of 2010 Pagy lived with his older brother, Filip Zoo in Bratislava, where he was transported back to Prague. Transport proceeded without problems and Pagy already rehashed in his home.

"Pagy left to Bratislava five years ago along with his brother Philip. When both were teenagers. We did not expect that to us Pagy yet returned, but we're not really sure. Matured and hopefully time will have cubs with a female Mawar and that our zoo becomes the same icon as his father Kama, "said a return Pagyho Prague Zoo director Miroslav Bobek.

Pagy, who yesterday celebrated his fourteenth birthday, was born on July 23, 2001 in Hodonin Zoo, where females have been drinking with a male pal, during the reconstruction of the pavilion at the Prague zoo, location. The year before, there upit born male Filip, who was bred artificially. In nine months, Philip returned to the family shortly after his return he came into the world Pagy. Since then, his family has lived together since 2004 in the new pavilion Indonesian jungle at the Prague Zoo.

In the spring of 2010, when two brothers in the adolescent age, it was time to separate them from family and therefore traveled to Bratislava Zoo. They lived together until this spring, when among teenage males were created dissension and so lived in divided exposures. On the recommendation of the coordinator breeding orangutans are Pagy returned to Prague Zoo, where it should establish a new generation of breeding female Mawar. To Philip, who remains in Bratislava, will soon arrive in female Mengal from Leipzig Zoo.

For Pagyho was in the pavilion of the Indonesian jungle built a new space to be able to, yet non-contact, meet your future family.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník

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