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Typhoid fever: You can also catch him in the Mediterranean

Speech will be one of the most common infections of travel. Find out with us, whether between countries risk not happen as your holiday destination, and also how to recognize typhoid fever and how to prevent it.

Not so long ago, what is commonly occurred in our country. Typhoid, intestinal infection caused by the bacterium Salmonella typhi, you can catch anywhere, where hygienic conditions are not entirely glorious. That we do not necessarily mean dirty suburb of Indian metropolises - offenses against food hygiene can also find in many a beach restaurant.

Indigestion, but without diarrhea

Typhoid fever is ranked between. Disease of dirty hands. Thorough cleaning as a precaution but far from enough - are the most common source of bacteria contaminated water, milk and food. After 5-24 days of infection appear fever, headache and loss of appetite. Soon added painful and swollen abdomen, enlarged liver and spleen. Diarrhea, typical for most other intestinal infections, not here, frequent constipation. Untreated typhoid man threatening bleeding from the intestine or by puncturing also at risk of dehydration and seeding the infection to other organs. The disease is serious and can even result in death.

In Egypt and Turkey

Locations with the highest incidence of typhoid fever are lined up neatly by continent:
Asia. Especially risky is the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia. Illness, however, applies and Turkey and is common in all parts of the continent.
Africa. The continent is also engulfed the entire disease, including even the classic holiday destinations such as Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. But the highest incidence is in South Africa.
South and Central America.
Vaccinations definitely choose even when traveling to Latin American countries and the Caribbean, although here the situation is rapidly improving.
Oceania. The risk does not apply to Australia and New Zealand, but the smaller island States belonging to Micronesia and Polynesia.

Fortunately, there is protection

Vaccination against typhoid is our commercially available. Just to be submitted at least 14 days prior to departure in one batch, whose price does not exceed 1,000 crowns. Without him, but even after his passing should not forget the tourist hygiene measures. it is a need:
drink only boiled or bottled water
wash it all fruit purchased in the markets,
avoid the suspect food and ice cubes in drinks.

If you develop signs of infection, seek medical advice as soon as possible (ie do not forget even for a good travel insurance). Antibiotics and bed rest can usually stop the infection. In Africa and Southeast Asia, but spread in recent years a new, resistant strain of Salmonella typhi, the treatment is much more difficult. More information about this threat to you in one of my next articles.

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