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Allergy to money or exercise? And I exist!

We all know the common allergens, such as the pollen or animal fur. The trigger can be a hassle but also sun or water and many other things to which you would never say. Meet with eight allergens really unusual!

1st Shoes: irritant chemicals is

He appeared to you on foot rash after you wear leather shoes? Maybe you're allergic to a chemical that is used in leather processing. Probably it will be a contact dermatitis. The technical term is used for a common rash, which can make the skin after contact with many different ingredients. "Remedy" for contact dermatitis caused by leather boots or socks can be just shoes of another material.

2. Water: bathing prohibited

Without water one can not survive long. But some people are out of touch with her hives. This term means red spots and bumps on the skin. These spots usually very itchy, but within 30 minutes should disappear. The rash of water are rare allergic reactions, and why there is not, is not clear.

3. Semen: pregnancy in sight

Semen allergy is manifested rash, itching and swelling in the female genital organs immediately after intercourse. They are among those that are truly unique. Problem solved condom. But if a woman desires to have a child, it is possible to treat allergies using a special injection. If that does not work, we have no choice but to try artificial insemination.

4. Practice: not an excuse

Since 1970, the literature appeared about 1000 cases "allergic to exercise." Sometimes hypersensitivity showed just hives, but sometimes also caused anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening condition.

5th Sun: watch out for sunbathing

Solar urticaria is another strange allergies. Antihistamines relieve symptoms, but prior to the eruption defend. Solar urticaria and with it the unpleasant itching occur within 30 minutes of irradiation on the skin and disappear shortly after you sun disappears.

6. Electricity: myth or truth?

Some people claim that they suffer from headaches, fatigue and other symptoms that are caused by an electric field. This allergy but probably do not need to worry, scientists have never succeeded in demonstrating that something like this could exist.

7th Coins: card is safer

If you made a rash after you hold a coin in your hand, maybe you have one of the other types of contact dermatitis - a sensitivity to nickel.

8th Winter: prevention is the key

Hives, which arises from the cold is rare, but potentially dangerous. Extreme winter in susceptible individuals may cause anaphylactic shock. The only treatment is prevention - thus avoiding unacceptably low temperatures.

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