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Attention, itinerant vendors are increasingly inventing. How to prevent?

Attention, itinerant vendors are increasingly inventing. How to prevent? Peddler toughened. Proof of this latest customer experience in one area, which is their common goal - to sell energy. Before what to be wary? How to defend when the front door rings likeable man with the briefcase?

Sales people are resourceful and persistent. Although the decree banning this type of sale is valid in most cities and towns, businessmen in their activities relentless. Let's look at their specific tricks and tips on how to defend in that situation.

First trick: we were here, your E.ON

Boldness peddler goes so far as to customers who do not find at home, leave messages. In these confusing they are given the information and issue the example for employees of energy companies. "This is the actual cases in which our clients find the home visiting card announcing worker. These people woke up confidence in the state except for the signature name of the supplier, traders who had sent the name of our company, "said Vladimír Vácha, spokesman of E.ON Czech.

Similar confusing information sales people use quite often. They represent the workers, for example, as the dominant supplier in the region or distribution companies. Until the new contract, which leads to a change of contractor can even write a memo, "E.ON remains Distribution". The consumer can easily get the impression that the vendor will not change.

How to prevent: If consumers find similar notices in their mailbox, they can turn directly to E.ON or contact the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO). To messages it is not advisable to react - it is likely that the peddler will want to arrange a meeting and force customers changing supplier.

Second trick: subtract a check meter

For workers distribution companies itinerant vendors issued quite often. His visit might justify, for example, checking the meter. "Reading the meter is always announced in advance and carried him only energy company E.ON employees who demonstrate appropriate identity," said Vladimir Vacha. Salesman, the customer can identify and by the fact that a gauge to check the invoice will also require electricity or a contract for the supply of energy.

How to prevent:
Before anyone into your home you allow, verify his identity. That it made ​​waves at the sight of some sort of card it is not sufficient. The identity of the employees of our company can always check the appropriate telephone line.

Third trick: We invoice checking and adjusting tariff

To the traditional arguments peddler they include allegations that come to check the correct setting of tariffs or whether the customer pays for electricity power. In this case, they also require an invoice or contract. The reason is prosaic - into a new contract with the contractor, whom they represent, you can easily copy the necessary data without the consumer noticed. Signature "specials", was then just a formality and the customer often does not know that the change has signed a supplier.

How to prevent: Documents definitely put out of hand. Sometimes they are letting sales people that need them photocopied and is very difficult to get it back.

Fourth trick: We are from the Energy Regulatory Office

Sales people themselves can take on many forms. In some cases, posing as employees of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO), who come back to check - must be properly configured fare or rate.

How to prevent: If your door rings a person who pretends to be an employee of the ERO, do not hesitate to call the police or contact the ERO.

Fifth trick: We're going to prolong your contract

Traders who are trying to impose households changing supplier, often use the ignorance typical consumer. One popular argument is a contract extension. "Contracts concluded for a definite period will be automatically extended if the customer terminates it," said Vladimir Vacha. Customers need not have worried because that would have found themselves without energy supplies.

How to prevent: Treaty or invoices from your hand and put your doorstep sellers prefer closed with force the door in his face. The validity of his contract can always check the customer service line supplier.

Sixth trick: Your supplier has gone bankrupt

Uncertainty, anxiety and fear. On a similar chord sales people play very often and well. For example, consumers can scare by their contractor went bankrupt and therefore must quickly sign a new contract. And this is of course nonsense. "If the company really went out of business, customers assume the supplier of last resort, which must ensure energy supply," said Vladimir Vacha.

How to prevent: Consider only the relevant information that comes to our official channels - for example, a letter from your supplier.

7th trick: Sign off and get a gift

LED bulbs "free", but which the consumer actually buys. This is a recently expanded trick peddler who already complicated life thousandth customer. Consumers in fact receive free bulbs, sign them purchase agreement, which is associated with a change of supplier.

How to prevent: Always carefully pročítejte any documents that you sign. If you offer attractive, retain the contract for review. Do not sign anything in the doorway.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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