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Environmental organizations assess government for environmental policy

According to environmental NGOs cabinet Bohuslav Sobotka environment continues to pursue a policy without a clear concept. Organisations in Green Circle gave the government report card on an imaginary past school year minus three.

Better rules for conservation, the opportunity to obtain their own energy

Government helps protect wildlife in national parks and tightens rules for their functioning. Announced a new protected landscape Brdy area at the former military area and the establishment of a national park on Křivoklátsku. In addition, it succeeded in easier conditions for the operation of solar power for households that because they can produce their own electricity on the roof to save for her purchase.

Less arable land and organic foods

Ministers reaping criticism for the planned reduction in the area of ​​organic farming by nearly 28%. Experts from NGO matters and new rules to facilitate the construction of new halls, warehouses and highways, allowing each week we lose arable land with an area of ​​several football fields.

Criticism for energy concept

Government promotes long-term growth in energy consumption and envisages the construction of four new nuclear reactors and the opening of a new uranium mine at Brzkové.
Even considering breaking of coal mining limits that protect homes and jobs Severočechů and still is to respect all the post-communist government.

"One of the important tasks of government is to protect nature, people's health and their homes. It should therefore reduce air pollution from industry, households and transport, to enforce such rules in national parks, which enables a wider area to keep the nature and visitors. Should no longer put off adoption of a law providing for mandatory pace of reducing dependence on fossil fuels, the Czech Republic, "says the expert on environmental policy Green Circle Vondrouš Daniel adds:" Start must by preventing demolition of villages and destruction of the landscape and reconsider opening uranium mines and construction of nuclear reactors. Especially if admits he does not know where it will take money. "

What is success?

New PLA Brdy
On the site of a former military grounds the government has established a new protected landscape area of ​​Brdy. The Ministry is establishing a new national park Krivoklatsko.

Compromise rules for the Šumava

The government pushed through the Senate rejection of the draft law on the Šumava National Park, a national park that would open land speculation and logging.
Subsequently Sobotkova government submitted a bill on the protection of nature, which has rules for the operation of national parks and unite more accessible to tourists. It is still not clear how large area of ​​Šumava and when it will finally really left to nature.

Net domestic electricity given the chance

Government amendment to the Act on supported energy sources facilitates operation of solar power plants on rooftops or building bioplynek. The essential shortcoming of the proposal is that the electricity that you produce and household itself consumes, will pay a tax.

Open communication with experts

New management of ME is so strongly linked with one side as previous rounds.
The Government Council for Sustainable Development and its committees trying to lead a conceptual debate with experts.

Not half / achievements

Subsidies on boilers
Government distributes funds from EU subsidies for the replacement of domestic boilers with more modern amounting to almost 10 billion. CZK.
Reduce exposure to air pollution, but will encourage other coal combustion.
The reasons are reportedly social considerations, without taking into account future growth in coal prices.
Subsidy even get wealthy family, instead of the government to motivate the modern home to move to clean sources.

Project assessment binding restrictions for the public

Government aimed to assess the impact of large projects (incinerators, chemical plants, etc.) On the environment will be binding. Pushed also the possibility to make relevant concerns not only the formalities.
At the same time limited the participation of civic associations in decisions about their surroundings and ignores the rights of the individuals concerned.
It also supported the extension of exemptions from the assessment.

Slightly improved conditions in which the courts grant called. Suspensive effect of the decision on the defendant. However, in practice, further threatening before the court proves offices violation, for example, the park will be cut down and replaced by concrete irreversibly.

Antifosilní law on the way

Government working on a draft law. Due to the delay, however, the risk increases that the Parliament by the end of the parliamentary term is not enough to approve the proposal.

Finally setbacks

Restrictions on organic farming
By 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture plans to reduce the area of organic farming by nearly 28%.

Reduce health protection against noise

Ministry of Transport and health advocate for operators of roads could get a permanent exemption from the obligation to comply with the noise limits in the vicinity of residential buildings. The damage to health by excessive noise would be enough to just open the window or walk the dog.

Weakening the protection of soil

The new rules facilitate the construction of new halls, warehouses and roads.
Continue every week we lose valuable arable land with an area of several football fields.
Fees for the occupation of land are to be paid during the construction of national roads and railways, falling for industrial buildings and warehouses in spatial plans of municipalities and counties.

Restrictions recycling

Government cut recycling targets for all domestic waste from 50 to 35%, which may lead to support combustion instead of recycling.
The government was preparing an amendment to the Waste Act, which could change the situation. Nevládky proposing to include an effective economic instrument for empowering communities and households to sort.

Coal, uranium and instead of wasting modern energy

Under the current National Energy Policy (ASEK), the Czech energy sector fails to supply coal under municipalities in northern Bohemia. Yet the government is considering breaking the mining limits, which protects the village from destruction.
Envisages the construction of four new nuclear reactors, but it is not yet clear from what the government will fund.
The imminent opening of a new uranium mine at Brzkové, which may undermine the local economy and the environment.

Government policy in tow industry lobbyists

A three-member government delegation attended the meeting of the new European emission limits for large industrial enterprises in Seville, Spain.

The delegation consisted of officials of the ministry of industry and two representatives of CEZ, who promoted only its own interests and demanding softer emission limits (particularly mercury and sulfur dioxide) than those currently in force in China.

Trucks in municipalities

The government pushed through an exemption from tolls for highway sections serving as bypasses.
But does not plan to expand the toll system, preventing bypassing toll sections and load municipalities heavy traffic.
The government also advocates strengthening the competencies of the traffic police, which rather precludes measures for traffic calming in municipalities.

The absence of measures to reduce smog

It takes poor air quality in the Ostrava region and in major cities, which has repeatedly warned the European Commission.
The programs are not issued improving air quality.
The legislative measures to reduce smog check local heating, a return to stricter smog regulation and restriction of exemptions from payments for emissions for the biggest polluters.

A failure to tackle climate change

Government concept (ASEK) takes seriously reducing greenhouse gas emissions. When the government sought international negotiations about what weakest targets for energy and climate policy. Ambitious goals - eg. For mandatory rate of improvement in energy efficiency - would be beneficial for the Czech economy.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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