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Body pleading, more exercise, less medication!

Three years ago, the journalist asked 104 years old at the American recipe for longevity. He answered in two sentences: "keep an eye on what I eat, and avoid doctors." It can not be considered as an absolute guide on how to live to be a hundred, but some truth in this.

Diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle can influence the course or the incidence of lifestyle diseases. Among the many clinical trials are clearly apparent beneficial effects of moderate eating and regular exercise on health. And what exactly can an appropriate diet to influence?

The primary measures to sustain its level of standard are dietary compliance rules and movement. Cholesterol forms the basis of salary, while the atherosclerotic process of accumulating in the arteries and narrowing the lumen. Appropriate diet with minimal animal fat is under study in the effect is comparable with the use of cholesterol-lowering medicines.

Blood pressure.
If high, damage blood vessels. Preventing the movement and avoidance of stress, which increases the demands on the work of the heart. Important is the body weight - 4.5 kg already zhubnutím can reduce blood pressure. Also, excessive alcohol consumption is a risk for blood pressure. And beware of salt! One teaspoon contains 2300 mg of sodium, which is the maximum recommended daily amount. Deliberately by labeling on packaging calculate how much salt is contained in your diet. Nedosolujte prefer to choose for seasoning spices.

Diabetes or diabetes.
According to research, healthy lifestyle twice as effective in preventing diabetes than some drugs for treating it, which are used in tablets. Also, diet can up to 58% to reduce the incidence of this disease.

Neoplastic diseases. For some types of cancers is the occurrence been associated with food, their chemical editing and storage. Prefer minimally processed foods as much as possible of fresh, nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, lentils, legumes in general, whole grains and nuts.

Sometimes it is necessary to take medication, but keep in mind that every drug is loaded with some risk of side effects, and usually affects only the one body that is needed to heal. It is still true that it is better to prevent diseases and to the deterioration of the case, consult a doctor.

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