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Sunbathing during pregnancy

Although many of us can not imagine a summer without sun, excessive sunbathing does not benefit anyone. In pregnancy, in addition to the sun associated with other health risks, therefore, future mothers should exhibit rays only with the greatest caution.

It poses a great danger for pregnant overheating and associated dehydration - both of which may endanger the mother and her fetus. Because body temperature is naturally higher in pregnancy, in addition to overheating may occur more easily. Therefore it is important to:
ensure adequate fluid intake, even if the woman in large heat of moves in the shade,
hat to cover your head,
avoid direct sunlight, especially during lunchtime, when radiation is strongest.

Sensitive skin

Due to hormonal and other changes in the body of pregnant women take place, the skin becomes more sensitive to the effects of ultraviolet radiation and is more susceptible to sunburn. More often also leads to uneven tan and create unsightly pigment spots, which can be permanent. If the future mother decides to expose your skin sun should:
choose a sunscreen with a high protection factor
be coated with sufficient prior tanning, to be able to offer maximum protection.

Folic acid deficiency

Intense sun exposure can lead to decrease levels of folic acid, which sufficient quantities in the body during pregnancy is particularly important because it reduces the risk of certain birth defects in the fetus. For this reason, pregnant women should need bronze skin thoroughly considered.

Each extreme sunbathing and generally harmful in pregnancy is no exception. However, completely avoiding the sun also the health of the expectant mother and her baby is not good. So even here, "everything in moderation".

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