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Summer traveling and curl with leg swelling

Swollen ankles and calves, and the pain worsened condition of varicose veins. This is a tax for the warm summer weather and many hours of traveling for the coveted vacation. During prolonged sitting in a vehicle because there is a greater accumulation of blood in the legs and to its slower return back to the heart.

With varicose veins due to hormones women face up to 3 times more often than men, so it is especially important in the summer to ensure their prevention. Fortunately, there are a few pointers while traveling in hot weather these inconveniences effectively avoided.

Lack of water causes thickening of blood

In the summer, we often hear about how important the drinks and how much fluid in summer weather we should consume each day. Their lack has a great influence on the formation of edema, mainly due to thickening of blood and blood clots. Experts recommend a supplement liquid such as water with lemon juice. Citrus fruits because they contain flavonoids, which have positive effects on the human body, especially on the blood vessels. "Flavonoids may also complement the body into various kinds of foods, such as blueberries or red wine. At the pharmacy we get is in the form of supplements, "says PharmDr. Klára Minczinger the company Generica.

When traveling by bus, car and plane nosme loose clothing

When traveling longer certainly do not underestimate either the choice of clothes and shoes. Tight underwear, non-porous materials or too tight shoes mean for our circulatory system of a heavy burden. We are weakening a so-called muscle pump, which helps pay the blood from the lower extremities back to the heart. The second factor is heat, which increases the pressure in the legs, thereby expanding damage vein walls. When traveling it is therefore appropriate to choose loose, breathable clothing in which you feel comfortable.

The swelling and varicose veins can handle cooling gels

If, despite all the measures problems with swelling and varicose veins occur in the summer, it is advisable to resort to special gels that are available in pharmacies. Bring immediate relief and thanks to their practical packaging it is possible to have almost always together. "Among the most effective ingredients include escin gel, which is the main active ingredient fruits horse chestnut. Favorably affects the elasticity and strength of vessel walls and reduces swelling, "says Minczinger. The other major component of some gels include provitamin B5, which maintains healthy skin and improves hydration, and also unconventional oils of orange and lavender, which have regenerative effects.

In the breaks to go through and work out vein gymnastics

Not only while sitting at work, but also when traveling Regular stretching is important. When traveling by car it is therefore appropriate to every 2-3 hours to take a break and exercise venous gymnastics. For 5 minutes foot is lifted, the foot we turn first in one, then in the second direction. Further, we turn toes towards your body as far as you can and hold it for at least 5 seconds. Finally, put his feet on the floor and alternately raise our toes and heels. Feet ulevíme also lifting up and placing a limb in the altitude of the heart where they relax 10 to 15 minutes. The other vehicles have limited options, so once in a while, at least straighten the toes, ankles or zakroužíme a walk.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz, editorially modified

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