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Where to go for heat? The most popular destinations Czech travelers

Croatian beaches are crowded long since passé. Czech tourists coming to the taste and smell of the exotic Orient. Increasingly, travelers had visits destinations such as the Caribbean, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Exotic holidays are especially popular in the winter as it is in targeted areas of warm weather.

This year's hit - United Arab Emirates

A Thousand and One Nights attract many a Czech traveler. Hit this winter as are the United Arab Emirates. For the winter season there headed to the 40,000 Czech tourists. The survey shows that the increase in interest costs for visa waiver, increase the number of routes, but also a drop in ticket prices. Travel agencies and recorded an annual increase in sales of 56%. From exotic destinations still most interested in Egypt, where the ball about a third of tourists. Tours to the United Arab Emirates but comfortably occupy second place. Czechs heading to the country of rich sheikhs despite high temperatures even in summer. The reason for the lower prices of residential trips.

Experiences only all-inclusive

Among other centrepieces exotic holidays include Thailand, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Kenya and Mexico. The Aztecs country while getting enormous interest. Increased demand for exotic arises from the gradual reduction of ticket prices and stays alone. However, it is necessary to mention that our tourists prefer mostly convenience and ultimate comfort. Choosing holiday so reduces the number of transfers during transport aircraft. Travelers clearly prefer tours with direct flights or a minimum number of transfers. Upon arrival to your destination expect superior service, and therefore overwhelmingly prefer the all-inclusive meals. The exception is Thailand, which in 1991 banned the hotels with continuous service. Asian countries are trying to get a simple trick tourists from the rooms and make them discover the local culture, scenery and cuisine.

The most frequent destinations of Czech tourists

African safari, Asian forests, but also the arid dunes of oriental countries attract every year more and more Czech tourists. So where our countrymen most often leave for heat?
Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Canary Islands, Maldives, Cape Verde, Zanzibar, Dubai.

Undiscovered destinations

In some countries, contrary to the Czech crowds of tourists hit, even when they are on offer for travel agents. The reason is the higher cost, the lengthy travel or a reduced number of hotels offered. These states are therefore mostly untouched by massive tourism and is ideal for lovers of romance forgotten. Which destination is?
Indonesia, Vietnam, Jamaica, the Philippines, the Pacific, Mauritius, Senegal.

Whatever the manner of other travelers seduced seductive oriental dancers, a ride on the back of an elephant, or sipping a drink from coconut, do not forget the proper preparation in the form of a travel vaccinations and travel insurance. You never know what you in exotic countries can meet.

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