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Are you overweight? Forget the run and go for a swim in the warm water

Approaching the traditional swimsuit season, air temperature continues to rise and thinner layers of clothing. Many of these factors are forcing people to pounce on losing weight - adjusting diet, exercise, or preferably a combination of both. But how are obese people? What kind of movement is for them a suitable weight loss and what they can in turn hurt?

Obesity is caused by improper diet and low physical activity, by itself, contributes to the development of many other serious diseases. Obesity is a risk of high pressure six times higher in diabetes then even seven times. According to reports on the health of the population of the Czech Republic, which for the year 2014 published by the National Health Institute, overweight or obese more than 57% of the adult population in the Czech Republic. Moreover, this proportion can not detract. An overweight or obese are facing increasingly, children, especially boys. A number of experts addressing how people are overweight or obese should eat. What physical activity is not suitable for them? And what should be avoided rather than their weight low enough?

Suitable Activity: Swimming

For people who are overweight or obese it is advisable to choose a physical activity that fit their musculoskeletal system more than it loaded itself weight. We must think first of all to circulatory and respiratory systems and bearing joints. One of the best physical activities is therefore a swim. Exercising in water is involving the entire muscle group, and without significant strain on the spine or joints of the feet. According to experts, also improves breathing capacity. However, pay attention to the choice of water temperature. "Staying in icy water body may send a signal to store subcutaneous fat, which would be for overweight people counterproductive. It is therefore appropriate exercises in a pool of water, which has 30 or more degrees Celsius. In addition, if geothermal, namáhanému helps the body relax and kind, "says Dalibor Antonin their waterpark Aqualand Moravia. More than half of pools here has a temperature above 30 degrees and are fed by geothermal water.

Tip: It is interesting that swim your body consumes up to 5 times more energy than if you walk the same distance traveled.

Suitable Activity: Brisk walking

If a person is overweight, but has problems with the joints of the lower extremities, can boldly throw for a brisk walk, which for him is better than running. This is risky in terms of injuries and overloading of joints and overall body. Walking, better brisk walking, is contrary to the ideal body. Colliding are statistics that indicate that while the course will remain only 4% of people walk becomes a regular part of life for up to 60% of people. Appropriate and motivating them to buy a pedometer therefore, and download the appropriate application for mobile phones, and track daily progress. The ideal is to walk daily, preferably an hour at a time. In that it is good to make approximately 6,000 steps which gradually increase to 10,000. This increase, of course, adequately reflected on the time that a person spends walking, so it is good to later calculate more with 90 to 120 minutes. Some sources promise in this beat a weight reduction of more than 12 kg per year in the human body, however, it is all very individual.

Tip: If you can find a nice environment for walking, eventually assembling the playlist pleasant to the ear, stop in time to perceive this move as an obligation. It becomes a part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth or shower.

Suitable Activity: Cycling

Very popular in recent years become cycling. It organizes races for the public, people travel in groups of mountains are organized bicycle tours for the whole family and cycle paths are built in a big way. Why not, the bike can experience a lot of pleasant feelings and moreover know from the comfort seat space in which you might after their never released. But cycling is also suitable for overweight people? It is. As well as swimming is largely saves the joints that are exposed to severe shock. However, there are certain specifics. Obese people tend to have trouble with muscle corset, which is riding a bicycle can reflect on the spine. It is also easier to slog to the summit. However, if your routes to choose wisely and will gradually extend soon recognize the positive effects of cycling as his condition improved, so when you step on the scale.

Tip: In bad weather you can use exercise bikes or properly targeted spinning lessons. If we are really serious, you should sit at the wheel at least 3 times a week.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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