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Prague Zoo: Hope for pheasants Edwards

The Prague zoo in cooperation with international associations and European zoos realized transport four individuals pheasant Edwards in Hanoi Zoo. One male and three females yesterday went on a trip to Vietnam, where they create pairs with the last known male descendants of the wild.

Edwards pheasants are probably extinct in the wild and in breeding in captivity there are fewer than a thousand individuals.

"Four birds, which we sent to Vietnam, should merge with the last male offspring derived from the wild and thus create a base of individuals genetically pure lines. They should in future be able to return to the wild, "explains the curator of birds Prague Zoo Antonin Vaidl.

Edwards's Pheasant is an endemic species of Vietnam, therefore, does not occur anywhere else in the world. Was discovered in 1896 and in the thirties was imported into Europe. The last known individual of this species was captured in the wild in 1997 and placed in the Hanoi Zoo. His descendants still live there with them and just have individuals from Prague to create a genetically pure population.

Prague Zoo leads European Studbook Edwards and pheasants breed this species continuously since 1949. Since then, it has hatched 135 chicks.

Vietnam transported to the Prague zoo pheasants Edwards in cooperation with the World Pheasant Association (WPA), European Conservation Breeding Group (ECBG), European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), Hanoi Zoo, Bojnice Zoo, London Zoo, Fasanerie Erfurt, and Plzen Zoo Weltvogelparkem Walsrode.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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