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Puppets in the hospital: Good Medicine

Puppets in the hospital: Good Medicine Puppets in the hospital for 10 years helping children to laugh again. The new album Good medicine offers a selection of the best that during that time and has created as well as the visit itself Puppet Hospital, doing particularly pleased ill children.

Actors and musicians attend under the umbrella of non-profit organizations Puppets in the hospital for 10 years hospitalized pediatric patients in hospitals and clinics throughout the Czech Republic. Good Medicine recording brings out the playful song performances that sick children are playing. "In our performances, we work with the music. Playing with the children sing, we give them a different musical instruments to work with us to make music. Music always released through the atmosphere, and it will get even closer to the children. And so we thought it would be nice if a bit of the atmosphere remained even when the children leave. Our CD will be able to embark on a cot need a headset and talk further. "Explains Mark Míková, chairwoman of the association Puppets in the hospital.

Mark Míková is also the main author of most of the songs on the album. Poetics of texts and music element deny kinship with the legendary group fingernails. Therefore no surprise that the album also took part in Hana Řepová, Pavla Jonsson and Miroslav Wanek from UJD. Puppets were recorded at the hospital in the studio Sono in March 2015 under the supervision of solders Rich and Jiri Schmitzer.

The Czech Republic is hospitalized annually approximately 180,000 pediatric patients.

Those trying Puppets in the hospital to bring joy to their theatrical performances and songs. "This is not an ordinary adjustment. We play with and for children. We offer immediate communication and children are involved in the game: suggest help, invent stories, play with puppets and often even confides her troubles. Puppets can u sick children is often more than a pill - conjure up a smile banish homesickness, help to forget about the pain and torment. "Adds Mark Míková.

Puppets in hospital

Initially a small association fitfully attended several children's department of the Prague Motol Teaching Hospital. For 10 years, the Puppet effect in the hospital expanded to an impressive six hospitals in Prague and another 19 hospitals and medical institutions throughout the country. During the year and take place within 280 visits, countless performances and sing the harmony thousands of songs. Puppet team has grown from the original 4 members to 13 and in 2010 was also based on the Slovak association Babka sister in the hospital. For the first decade of the years more than ten small productions prepared directly for the hospitalized children. An integral part of visits to pediatric patients, as well as live music.

And as he recalls Mark Míková for the past ten years with the puppets?

"We have in mind the countless stories where after our visit the child began again, talk and laugh, or even eat or managed through frog to find out that the child is able to walk. I remember how Kasparek could find that the child recognizes colors. Also, with more children we cover a lot of the difficult experience of their lives. I have the memory of the little girl which mate during a game stuck under the car. She sat with a broken leg in the bed and kept saying that he will never forgive you. While we discussed, about how he is and how hard it is to apologize and admit a mistake when we were leaving, she said she would give him a chance. It's memorable moments in the hospital with children experiencing. Sometimes we'm really a heavy heart, because children should not be seriously ill, they should run out and play, but on the other hand, every time we experience a small miracle when we leave, we know that our work was really helpful. "

More about the activities Puppet Hospital can be found here .

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Puppet hospital partners are the Ministry of Culture, City of Prague, Prague 2 City District, Pragae Quinta Region, Drop of Hope, Reading helps family Eagle Mountains and Kofola as, B. Braun Medical and Student Agency.

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