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After going for a modern Hamlet ŠVANDA Misanthrope

After going for a modern Hamlet ŠVANDA Misanthrope Švandovo theater preparing another classic with a modern twist. A year and a half since the introduction of Shakespeare's Hamlet, directed by Daniel Spinar Molière's The Misanthrope will complete the season. Rhymed comedy about love, contempt and adaptability scene staged for the Smíchov talented Slovak director Lukas Brutovský.

Sonorous title of world drama at ŠVANDA reappear only in excellent cast, but also strong and surprisingly contemporary interpretation.
The premiere will be May 30 at the Great Hall of Švandovo theater.

As Alceste, a member of the social elite, which, however, fiercely despises hypocrisy and its conventions, see the evergreen band smíchovského file Filipa cap. The role of a beautiful, bright, the crowded men, but also headstrong and scheming Celimeny was featured Brutovský visiting Eve Josefíková - coming actress, for herself, for example, the nominations for the Czech Lion for Best Actress in a supporting role in the film Fair Play. Alcestova thoughtful friend and mentor David Punčochář Filinta plays. Strong cast further adds Martin Short (Elianto, cousin Celimeny), Bohdan Pavlíková (Arsinoe, girlfriend Celimeny) Celimeniných trio of friends and admirers played by Marek hurried (Oront), Tomas Červinek (Akast) and Michal Sedlacek (Klitandr), her servant plays George Weiner (Basque).

Nearly 350 years old play about an idealist who sharply, spectacularly and sometimes quite unpleasant defines itself against social hypocrisy, conceived director Luke Brutovský as a purely contemporary story. Along with Mir Dach, co-editing Molière's text, the original text freed from mooring at the royal court. However, he retained all key topics, themes and structure of the verse play that Molière wrote in a resounding beating Alexandrina. Director stood at the forefront central couple, from which the production Švandovo theater becomes equivalent to the pair: Alcest and Celimena in their opinions on the stage while passing rather than meet, but it is clear that both are looking for the same thing - true love, true life filling the possibility, both in their complicated world ever survive.

As pointed dramaturge Martin Kinsky, anchoring games currently recording also uses the translation of Vladimir Mikes, renowned translator of Moliére other games or Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. Mikešův translation Misanthrope with seats closer to the colloquial language, while consistently working with subtle meanings of words.

To the chagrin of the idea that it is still something we're playing!

"I understand Celimeně in her desire for companionship, the need to entertain others and they are being entertained. Enjoying the interest in his person, whom it would not be pleasant? At the same time but at some favor treats farther than I'd like to go, "she told Eva Josefíková, which highlights the eloquent Celimeninu replica:" To the chagrin of the idea that it is still something we're playing! This is what we have with characters from all common Misanthrope, either voluntarily or because of external pressures, "says the actress, for which the Misanthrope one of the most important theatrical experiences. Yet in addition to intensive testing at the same time he managed to finish a thesis lady, and also recorded a Christmas tale for Czech Television.

Also for ostřílenějšího Philip Capku Misanthrope was a challenge: not only because of extensive text in verse puts the actors and high-tech. "The aim of our approach is to show vykloubenost company. Everyone says something different than he thinks. One group denigrates the other group, and then one person goes away - and again defames others. This work wholeheartedly today, and not only in politics ... I set and costumes that match, and I say it's punk show, "says Filip Čapek, who regularly reminds the public as well as the Holy Pech series of Homecoming or as a DIY guide Host Polopatě.

Comedy with a bitter kernel

Misanthrope among the best known and most important works of Molière and still enjoys the interest of domestic and international directors. Comedy with a bitter core Molière wrote in 1666 when his king Louis XIV. placing the previous two games thwarted: Tartuffe was banned and Don Juan of Molière eventually withdrew from the repertoire rather be alone. The Misanthrope described the author of his own dilemma, which is still valid today: whether to continue to stay at the court in Paris, full of tedious intrigues and hypocrisy, but a decent Gazi alongside beloved wife, or whether it would be better to abandon all worldly glory, escape from the influence of fickle favor of his royal "boss" and retire ...
The result is a reflection of Moliére text, which is still one of the gems of world drama. The main character, Alcest, belongs to the high society of the royal court, where he lives badly. He was referring to but hypocrisy, insincerity, envy and infidelity, which he literally suffocates ... categorically condemns all - just not themselves. And since she can not forgive and intolerance is growing, the others begin to turn away from him ...

"The Misanthrope we continue to Hamlet, which in our country in 2013 successfully staged Daniel Špinar, while it continue dramaturgical line bearing the name of the story of a man / story of the world,"
says the artistic director of the theater Švandovo Dodo Gombár. In the next season of her smichov scene he wants to continue playing Baal by Bertolt Brecht theater debut, and later Shakespeare's King Lear.

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