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Piccoli Children's Festival Summer Festivities of Early Music attracts this Sunday music and dan

Children's Festival attracts Piccoli next Sunday, May 24 on a fun show for the whole family and original workshops for young musicians and dancers.

The highlight of the afternoon will be a musical theater workshop performances from legendary author Zpívánek Paul Jurkovic. Playful band full of rhymes, riddles and songs entertain large and small for over thirty years. Now you can play, sing and dance bring to life Radka Tesárková, Josef Hervert and Martin Rudovský, three well coordinated, the program staged by the author himself.

A day full of fun for young musicians have prepared the second time the organizers of the Summer Festivities of Early Music, and this time they take them on an adventurous musical journey around the world. Under the guidance of experienced instructors and professional musicians, children will discover the charm of folk songs from all over the world and majestic Gregorian chant, try out what it's like to be part of the orchestra, dancing to "Dancing savages", they embark on the path of Indian music and sounds toms-toms.

There will also be popular playful Baroque Bazaar, where children will be able to redeem any of his books or toys for another, and art workshops in a small artists will be able to create their own maritime journal, a mask or a cute little toy sailor.

Piccoli was held in the premises of the ancient Baroque Clam-Gallas Palace and the Church of Our Lady of the Snows.

Music, dance and art workshops, this time focusing on the work, traditions and rituals South American countries and southern and western Europe. Captivating "southern" rhythms and melodies while working with the youngest musicians to improvise using the elements directly encouraged. Children during their wilderness wanderings not only taste the feeling of explorers and sailors, but also become conservators music!

Dance workshop called savages takes little blackguard and nymphs back to the time when dancing at every major festival - Overseas trips including a pirate. Under the guidance of an experienced tutor the children (and their parents peacefully) teaches "Dance savages" of the famous baroque opera by Jean-Philippe Rameau's Les Indes Galantes. In their křepčení accompany them little Divotvorného musicians from the orchestra under the guidance of conductor Martin Štryncl.

After the musical footsteps of overseas nations embark participants Indian trails. Participants in "Expedition" will be able to experience how they played and sang old Indians. On the way the world crisscross, invite the workshop called Tom Toms beaten just two pilots. Ancient spaces Clam-Gallas Palace ocean sounds songs accompanied by unusual percussion instruments imported from distant coasts. Workshop participants will learn from the most competent: vocal technique by Vojtech Semerád, artistic director Cappella Mariana, and various rhythms from Thomas Kerleho drummer who toured the world crisscross and learned to play the drums from the natives in both Indonesia and Africa.

An ancient European tradition of Gregorian chants workshop, participants will explore named Plaid note. In the authentic environment of the ancient church of Our Lady of the Snows under the leadership of George Clock try as they sang the hymn of the great hymn books.

Within a day dedicated to children and will feature workshops, which will also focus on the world of sea voyages. Little artists will be able to create their own maritime journal, a mask or a cute navy toys.

Piccoli project was created in response to the international music festival Summer Festivities of Early Music, which among Czech music festivals occupies a unique position because of its focus on the so-called. Old music (especially music of the Renaissance and Baroque) and original dramaturgy that every year brings a new theme. In 2015, in July and August will host the 16th edition of the festival, which regularly invites to the Czech Republic's leading foreign artists and resounds concert halls and historic halls throughout Prague. This year's program will depend subtitle Femina Aeterna - Summer Festivities of Early Music dedicates the theme "Eternal Woman" throughout the year.

A detailed program can be found here . .

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