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Ten bicycle or how to increase the safety of children on bicycle

Every athletic parent has been annually anxious spring, when outside temperatures allow dust off your bike and for exploring the countryside or cycle paths. Weekend bike rides constitute enjoyable activity in which the whole family can get involved.

Not only small but also bigger kids usually love biking excursions. The task of parents is yet to see that their children are taught to follow the rules of cycling and have not led to any injuries. In the following article we prepared ten basic points, which is necessary to introduce children regardless of their age.

Favorite ways to carry a child on a bicycle, prison is a child in the seat or in a wheelchair behind the wheel. Cyclists riding with small children will share the basis for supporters and fans of trucks seats. While the truck is a greater danger because of the extension of the wheel, seat again because it is part of the wheel. Fall of wheels automatically means a fall harness.

1. A suitable Bike

When the child is an infant or toddler age and can no longer sit alone, parents need to equip bike suitable for cycles. Given that cyklosedaček currently exists on the market a plethora, according to experts must be right for cycles not only comfortable, but also safe. "As part of a quality car seat should be large-scale protection against the spokes of a wheel, which prevents the child's legs to get round and it hurt, "explains Lukas Fiala from an online store with children's goods. According to him, it is also necessary to be able to adjust the backrest to the seat and rest position, that small passenger can enjoy the ride. "Bike should also be equipped with adjustable seat belts with a width of 20 mm closure, the child does not open. The seat should have no sharp edges or small parts that a child could inhale or swallow, "says Fiala.

The helmet is the second base

Before you go on a journey together, always attach to your child's head helmet. Remember that even a fall from a small wheel can cause serious injury. However, the protective helmet has fulfilled its purpose, it must fit like a glove, must sit comfortably on the head, nowhere not to push and when bending NEPAD.

3. That child was seen

For greater safety, small cycling accessories include a reflexive his clothes and bicycles as well as properly placed lighting. If your trip extends into the evening, or it starts raining, visibility of the bicycle and rider is essential, not only for passing cars, but also for other cyclists. Therefore, before you set out, check your wheels have at least a front white and rear red reflectors and working lights, ideally blink.

4. Rigid footwear and appropriate clothing

If you do not have a bicycle clothing, never mind. When walking your bike your child can also use ordinary sportswear, but again with regard to its suitability. Make sure that the cyclist started in solid shoes with non-slip soles, and ideally without laces. Botas shoes or sneakers will keep his leg in a healthy position and outsole pattern ensures that the foot of šlapačky nevysmekla. Shoes with laces are also not very suitable. Indeed shoelaces untied and can always entangled in the wheel spokes. Keep an Definitely my child on a bicycle in summer sandals or even slippers. There is a risk of falling off the bike practically inevitable. In the case of clothing is the best option comfortable sportswear, but that would not be too baggy trousers, because they might get caught in the wheels. Clothing must of course be adapted to the outdoor temperature.

5. Check the technical condition of wheels

If you are planning a day trip on a bike ride or just a few minutes, in both cases, be sure to check that your child's bike is in perfect technical order. Brakes must be properly adjusted and must work, there has to be reflectors, lights and, ideally bell. The seat should be at the correct height so that the child can easily reach on šlapačky and soul wheel should be inflated.

6. Reliable control wheel

That your whole family rides a bike often, it does not necessarily mean that all its members can control the bike well. I prefer to always make sure your child is able to brake properly and safely get on and dismount, derailleurs and treat in time to avoid obstacles.

7. How to behave on the road

If at all possible, set off to take the children on marked bike paths in the countryside outside the city. There is a risk of accidents is significantly reduced. If this is not possible, teach them first how to behave in traffic. A short chat with examples of images or photographs attract children of different ages. Remember to always emphasize caution and prudence.

8. How to behave on the cycle track

Nor on the trails and other designated areas for cyclists, such as lanes or corridors, children must not forget security. Even here there are rules that must be followed. Therefore go to their children an example, ride on the right, předjíždějte only if it is safe, show your hands when you turn, keep the appropriate speed and spacing, and of course, act considerate of other cyclists.

9th Discipline must be

It is common that children love here and there consciously rebelling against parents' will. After all, forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. At my age and experience, however, still unaware of the seriousness of the consequences. Hence arises a daunting task for parents to teach their children discipline while cycling and explain to them why caution is in place and there is space for sophisticated naughtiness.

10th Teach them independence

With age, children begin to ride a bicycle alone without parental supervision must be in school or in their free time with his friends in the street. Before the bike leaves the gates of the home, teach them responsibility, which they subsequently ensure their own safety. Make sure that you really understand all the rules of safe cycling, thanks to which he would return in good health back home again.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz
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