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dTest: Fruit snacks - organic product failed due to pesticides

Fruit snacks represent a quick and practical solution for children's snacks on the go and at home. What is its quality? Consumer magazine dTest sent to the laboratory 12 fruit purées with strawberries bought in Czech stores. Bioprodukt included in the test failed due to the high content of pesticides.

It seems logical that fruit snacks should be primarily of fruit. Among the different products, however, there are significant differences with regard to its content. "Scattering is quite wide, with our products tested ranged from 60 to 100 percent. Keep in mind that snacks with the lowest proportion of fruits also contain added substances most, "says Daniel Pavlis, chief editor of the magazine dTest.

Laboratory analyzes showed that the quantity and proportion of fruit on labels roughly correspond to reality. The worse news is that there are market fruit products for children from 4 months of age, which also contain slightly over half of the fruit. The rest consists of water, added sugars and starch. "This is a case of best snacks Clever fruit snacks with strawberries and cricket Baby food with strawberries, produced by Hamé Ltd. Their low price is only apparent, because the consumer gets for her only sixty fruit share. A careful reading of labels is therefore worthwhile, "says Daniel Pavlis.

Attention should be given also to the fact that not all fruit snacks and puree that may be encountered between children's foods in shops are officially intended for children under three years of age. "Fruit-based foods" which defines the ordinance, they are subject to strict quality requirements and the package must be stated from what months of age, children can consume. Snacks without this designation are officially only fruit purees, which are not subject to the criteria of the ordinance.

Falls into this category and product Poki Bio (Danival, France). Although it is a certified organic, two levels of four pesticides measured in this product demonstrably exceeded the limit for organic food, even after counting fifty measurement uncertainty. "According to the applicable standards by this product should not have to bear the bio label. We filed the complaint because the investigation biocertifikace this product at the Ministry of Agriculture, "says Pavlis. Pesticide residues was detected also in other six products in these cases, but it is an amount well below the legal limits for infant nutrition.

Test winner became Hami snack with strawberries, for which the laboratory measured the highest fruit content, plus it contains no pesticide residues.

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