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KRNAP: Hedgehogs have since returned to the wild

Hedgehogs, who wintered in Vrchlabi rescue station for handicapped animals National Park Administration, are already back in the wild.

Every year, workers must rescue station before winter to take care of dozens of hedgehogs that people bring to them. These hedgehogs are generally of the so-called. August litters of others, and thus for its light weight had little chance to survive the winter in the wild.

This year, the rescue center take care of 70 hedgehogs.

Some of them even before winter has adequate weight to secure survival in nature, and thus able to be released back into the wild before winter. Most hedgehogs hibernated in a shelter and in those days they were released gradually at different places of the Giant Mountains. A few urchins are also cared for schoolchildren as part of a special project for schools called bodlinkami with us.

Approximately a dozen hedgehogs and during the winter obtains a foster home in schools. The principle of the project is to have participating schools, and by extension their students to take care of a hedgehog with them through the winter. Children have a unique opportunity to take care of the hedgehog, who would normally survive the winter, and get a responsible approach to living creature.

Source: tz, editorially modified
Author tz: Radek Drahný

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