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Way of War - a photo exhibition in the palace YMCA

Way of War - a photo exhibition in the palace YMCA Courage, honor and help others. Such ideals were brave own Czechoslovak legionnaires. Their repatriation from Russian battlefields in 1919, now remind photo exhibition in Prague palace passage YMCA.

Now YMCA, the largest and oldest youth organization in the world, celebrates 25 years since the resumption of its activities in the country. And it was the selfless members of the YMCA, who exhausted soldiers during their journey home support and often personally escorted. Their common journey through Asia and America had its camera lens captured legionnaire Václav Balcar, whose grandson Vladimir Balcar exhibition together with the palace YMCA organized.

The exhibition "The Way of War" about fifty unique images, some of which would see the public for the first time, will be open from May 12 and runs until July 15. Admission to the public until the passage is free, will be open daily from 8 to 20 hours.

"The exhibition includes interesting photos that my grandfather was shot on his return from the First World War. It was the first transportation and negatives due to carefully described and preserved, so we documented all the way to the Czechoslovak Legionnaires around the world, which resulted from Vladivostok, across the Pacific, America and Europe to Prague, "says the photographer's grandson Vladimir Balcar.

"Unique documents glorious chapter of our history and little known work between legionnaires YMCA is one of the main reasons why we decided to show the public exhibition," says director Peter Otřísalová YMCA Palace. According to her, this organization has always attracted and also shaped people, who were striving for the harmonious development of man - his spirit, soul and body. "Now this is a critical link symbolizes the red equilateral triangle that has the YMCA in its emblem. And it also still correspond to our activities, "adds Petra Otřísalová, which now oversees, among other things, that all proceeds from the palace principal established at a prestigious address in Prague Na Poříčí directed where they should: support work with children and youth or repair and maintenance of managed objects.

Under the wings of Tony strange, "American uncle"

Legionnaires transportation to their homeland secured American section YMCA, which otherwise cared primarily about war invalids. "In the photos, which are now on display for the first time, it is also one of its members - American Uncle Číž as we called ourselves the legionaries. Professor gymnastics and athletics, an American with the Czech, respectively Chodsko roots was then chief secretary of the YMCA. Along with him selflessly helped the legionaries also his wife, who taught English, "says Vladimír Balcar." The legionnaires were Anthony Chez Číž epitome of specific search and rescue, but also a source of understanding, energy and good humor, which, after heavy fighting much needed "concludes Balcar.

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