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Film director Jaroslav Vojtek's Children won three awards in Beijing

Jara Vojtek's film debut Kids dominated the International Film Festival in Beijing. Just days before he will compete for the Golden Kingfisher at the Festival Finale Plzen, this remarkable film with Czech co-productions garnered attention across the world.

The film, which Czech distribution Artcam introduced last fall in a competition of fifteen films in the main competition yesterday credited to the account of three of the ten main festival awards Tiantan. Creators are awarded the prize jury led by renowned director Luke Besson world.

One of the best known Asian filmmakers of today and one of the members of the jury, director Kim Ki-duk personally gave actress Eva Bandoro Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Producer Mátyás Prikler is then returned to the podium twice more to take the prize for best screenplay, written by Marek Leščák, and the prize for best camera, which goes to Thomas Stanek.

"There are many festivals and many prizes. That what matters most most is who decides on prices. And when they sit in the jury Luc Besson, Kim Ki-duk and other prize-winning authors, so it has the weight. Although we do not make films for awards, but it pleased us, "they wrote straight from the red carpet in Beijing director Jaro Vojtek and producer Mátyás Prikler from the production company MPhilms.
The 5th Annual International Film Festival in Beijing was held April 16 to 24, 2015.


First Feature Film award winning documentary Jara Vojtek authentically displays distorted family relationships and the fact that the closest we have the closest, although sometimes it can not cope.
Son, Marathon, canary, Father - four stories that make one look at the various forms of relationships between parents and children. Whether it's a father trying to cope with inaccessible world of his ailing son, a young man who can not cope with separation from family, a boy living with his stepfather insensitive or betrayed by a woman caring for a dying father, each character must find a way to their closest, each of characters must cope with pressure often insensitive surroundings. Synergies differences and compliance of their stories, each of which takes place in a different season, creating a layered mosaic of relationships, which reflect the love, hope and the inevitability of major decisions. Vojtekova overhead is extremely authentic and strong. Also the choice of actors completely surpass anything in recent years Czech-Slovak production originated.

The title track of the film Children of Jana Kirschner

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